Discussion: White House Pitches Obamacare Repeal Bill To Skeptical U.S. Governors

Carrots and sticks, bribes and threats. What can we give you or what do you most not want taken away to ensure your support?

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“I haven’t read through it all yet so I’ve still got to look at it,” Walker said. “It just came out yesterday.”

That Scott Walker, a real “Profile in Courage”, huh?

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Actually, I think it’s fairly shocking that the Kochsucker in Chief isn’t skipping through the streets praising the bill as the greatest piece of legislation that ever legislationed. The fact that he’s not crying hysterical tears of joy while speaking in tongues about the glory of this bill is pretty telling.


I’m with you on this one Plucky, Walker’s statement that “we’re hopeful they’re going to get to a point where they’re going to have a repeal-and-replace that works” reads like a work in progress not a ringing endorsement. But Walker doesn’t vote and Johnson is an idiot who sounds like he’s already cashed his Kochsucking check and will now be a “yes” vote.

  1. Walker can’t read.
  2. His GOP-majority lege can’t pass a budget.
  3. He’s waiting to hear from Charles and David before he commits

HAHAHAHAHA! I’m sure Mike Pence’s patented talk radio BS will convince governors that the steaming pile of shit on their plates is caviar.


Agreed. I never took his opposition seriously. He’s just an awful person who could be easily bought, and he’s really, really stupid.


One of Trump’s biggest problems is he is not a truth teller. He lies so often that no one assumes he or anyone in his administration is telling the truth about anything.

Being a liar might have helped him get elected, but it isn’t helping him win any policy argument.

Of course in the case of healthcare he has the bigger problem of being a Republican. That means lying, lying and lying somemore.

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@rickjones to answer your carrot/stick question, TPM [explained][1] how BCRA gives the HHS secretary sole discretion on who gets the carrot (transition funds).

And it doesn’t appear that VP Pence has stepped up his “alternative facts” game from Friday, when Ohio Gov. Kasich [called him out][2].

The only surprise from NGA is that governors aren’t using the phrase “unfunded Federal mandates” … even though these bills are essentially throwing senior and low-income health care onto their states. Virginia Foxx’s New York mob connections?
[1]: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/senate-bill-hhs-cms-discretion
[2]: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2017/07/14/kasich-gop-obamacare-replacement-still-unacceptable/479071001/

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I got a great read from a Republican friend of mine this weekend. This Senate Bill is a “non-starter.”

“No one wants anyone to die, but the question is who pays for it?” His quote, not mine.

We both agreed there needs to be a tax on employer provided healthcare that subsidizes the high risk pool. We already pay into social security, state employment insurance and Medicare/Medicaid. Why not skim off an extra few dollars be take care of our least fortunate?

I’ll skip Starbuck’s coffee Monday if it will get someone decent healthcare.

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The governors are not falling for this evil trick!

It’s not often that having a blood clot removed from your eye is highly preferable to going about your normal business…but it can happen:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) will miss this week’s votes in the Senate after undergoing surgery on Friday, depriving Republicans of a key vote on healthcare.

McCain’s absence means Senate Republicans almost certainly will not have the 50 votes they’d need to win a procedural vote.

I can’t recall any bill, let alone one that got a floor vote, that was hated by EVERY SINGLE interest group, detested by an overwhelming percentage of the public and that even its supporters have the most tepid of praise for. This is an unparalleled achievement.

That’s a … novel … approach to the damned if you do, primaried if you don’t conundrum. Any chance they implanted a spine while they were at it.

And I hope he makes a full recovery. He may be a weaselly coward, but health care is a human right.

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I’m in the Fareed Zakaria camp - Il Douche is not a liar so much as a bullshitter.
To lie, one must know at least the outlines of the truth so as to promote things that are not true.
Bullshitting is more about saying whatever will best advance the interests of the bullshitter in the mind of whomever is listening. It may be true or false or half-true, but only coincidentally as the truth is immaterial.

“A bullshitter is indifferent to the truth in a way the liar is not.”
https://vimeo.com/167796382 (Harry Frankfurt on his “Theory of bullshit”)

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Sounds like a fancy term for pathological liar.