Discussion: White House On Lockdown For Second Time In 3 Days

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Did that car actually get through the gates? That’s harrowing.

It’s frightening to think that an individual can breach all of the security that surrounds a President and his family (and because of all the racial vitriol and death threats directed at this particular President, I have almost expected something awful to happen.

“Did that car actually get through the gates? That’s harrowing.”

“Uniformed Secret Service agents immediately stopped the vehicle after it trailed in behind the motorcade at about 4:40 p.m. EDT.”

The car got past the the outer perimeter on Pennsylvania Ave. There are alot of minor closures around the White house, mostly people leaving their bags around and the occasional fence jumper. Its still a big security failure to let a sedan tail vehicles onto Penn Ave. It used to be open to vehicle traffic, before some lunatic drove up to the White House and started shooting during the Clinton years. A lot of security was tightened around that time.