Discussion: White House Contractor Arrested On Murder Warrant At Security Checkpoint

Only the best.


The vetting process
Got a pulse?
you’re OK
No Pulse ?
Still a candidate


Scott Pruitt will have to make him Deputy Director of the EPA and wrangle a Burger King franchise for him.


Fuckmuppet WH response: Fake Hues!

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Say flattering things to Trump.

You’ve got to admire the sheer chutzpah of it, though. You’ve got an outstanding murder warrant in PG County. So, do you get as far away as possible, and make yourself as inconspicuous as you can? Nah! You go to work for an NSC contractor who does business in DC. That takes some brass balls.


Seems pretty stupid to me but maybe he was on his way to another murder attempt.

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Recently caught The Day of the Jackal on the tube. That guy, he ain’t.

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I liked the original better than the Bruce Willis version.

My thought exactly. Only the best people. MAGA.

I’ve never understood why a producer would decide to remake a near-perfect film. What’s next, Citizen Kane starring Adam Sandler?

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Superfluous abomination defined:


Don’t even go there. If you can think it, so can someone else.