Discussion: White Freakout Part 2

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“The student, Laurel Litter, who is white, told Hasselbeck that the felt the bulletin board intimidated her and made her feel shameful about her heritage.”

Acting all butthurt about someone mentioning white privilege is in itself a sign of white privilege.

And I wonder what “heritage” she’s referring to. Did she inherit a couple of white robes from granpappy in the cedar chest?


1: Naming your group National Anything Front is signaling that you are a neo-Nazi, legitimate white rights groups don’t use the phrase "National Front’ in any form.

2: Obviously app state is terminally afflicted by white privilege, look at their mascot: http://blueridgeblog.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/11/26/yosef2.jpg


Not exactly the UC Berkeley of the east, are we, Appilachian State.


“The Civil Rights Act says you can’t have discrimination based on race…”

And we all know neo-nazis are big proponents of the Civil Rights Act.


Nobody would accuse these Nazis to be brain privileged.

BTW, “Angelo”? What Aryan has ever been named Angelo? His “friends” should look into that one…


“Laurel Litter, who is white, told Hasselbeck that the felt the bulletin board intimidated her and made her feel shameful about her heritage…”

Poor Laurel, made to reflect on her heritage. So oppressive. 

Hey you!!! Kimba, git down in them fields and pick me some cotton!!! Now!!

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.


Here in lies the path to Senator Clinton’s defeat. All the right needs to do is paint the entire left as extremists.

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Angelo is clueless. Once whites allowed them to serve blacks served in the military in a higher proportion than in the population. And at an even higher proportion on the front lines.


"Oppressed White Male Alert"
As I’ve said before, I had no idea how horribly oppressed I have been. Why without FOX and Fiends, the assorted racist and bigoted Wingnuts of the Right, and Neo-Nazis to tell me (an affluent white straight Caucasian from a long line of affluent WASPS) that I am REALLY the victim of so much oppression, I would have never known!
How could I have been so blind…Oh__the humanity!

And to think my father and mother taught my brothers and me that we were not losing a thing just because someone else struggled to gain the rights and privileges that we have always had and taken for granted in this country.


Actually, unless you’re there specifically for a program, ASU is the mid-Atlantic in-gathering place for young people of the hippy or ski/snowboard addict persuasion. Not that there isn’t huge overlap between the two, of course. There’s a reason the local Republican-controlled county election board keeps coming up with ever more insanely over the top cartoonishly unconstitutional schemes to disenfranchise them.


These “check your privilege” campaigns are super pretentious and annoying. I think that it’s good for people, college students, to consider the fact that other people’s experiences may differ from their own. But as soon as they get self righteous about it they totally lose me and I find my self having deep and dangerous thoughts like “huh the skin heads have a point.”

I’m 6’2 and my parents are both well educated. Both of those factors are greater determinants of success than race gender or whatever the heck cisgender is. Where’s that bill board? “Both your parent’s have post graduate degrees? Check your parent privilege”.

Although I will end by saying that the “this bilboard offends and intimidates me” angle is equally pathetic.


Are you sure about that? What About National Action Network? It’s Al Sharpton’s organization.

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They’re proving their own point here. As we currently discuss police brutality in African American communities, right-wing conspiracy theories about Muslim immigrants and Sharia Law, whether or not homosexuals should be recognized as first-class citizens who deserve the same rights everybody else does, immigration reform (or lack thereof), and things like racial profiling and incarceration rates and poverty within minority communities…

…these privileged little f___kers are all up in a tizzy over a poorly crafted billboard at ASU? Really? That’s all they’ve got? Cry me a goddamned river. How privileged you must be if your big issue for the day is somebody’s obscure craft project. Jesus.

And the line between the new-Nazi movement and Fox News continues to blur.


Divide and conquer…Must give the cis1% a great deal of comfort.

It’s not Fox “News”. It’s the “Fox Republican Media Center.”


Such displays are stupid. What does it really prove? Do they really make people consider “privilege” or are they merely ways to mark other people as the “other”?

Think about this: if such bullentin boards nearly lists everything as a “privilege,” then, actually, “privilege” doesn’t really mean anything sense every seems to have it.

Privilege has now become a buzzword for the “other” that really doesn’t mean anything since it is now tossed around without any real specficity to actual situations.

What this denotes, in reality, is the failure of identity politics; it has no interest in understanding that people have multiple roles and contradcitory action as human beings. It is essenttailly doing the exactly same thing that white men of privilege are accused of: reducing certain classes of people to one-dimensional stereotypes.


“The bulletin board aimed to get passing students to reflect…”

Jumpin’ Jehosophat! Reflect? At a university? Whoever heard of such a thing?

Those with the institutional advantages shouldn’t have to reflect. They’re entitled to not reflect. And any attempts to force them to do so is a threat to their institutional advantages, and cannot be tolerated.


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