Discussion: Whitaker Reveals California US Attorney Sat In On Mueller Probe Briefing

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I’ll take a guess… U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of California, Greg Scott is trumptard that happens to be good friends with Devin Nunes.


Or has close ties to Fox News/conservative media world. Or any other kind of Trumpian toady.

O/T - just saw this - and found it very interesting on the AMI/Bezos story:


Perhaps Whitaker thought it might be useful to have a real attorney in the room.


They need to bring him back and compel him to answer questions. He looked like a fool and jackass today telling Nadler his five minutes are up. Reeps asking to remove redactions. They claim false patriotism.


It is not a given that Mr. Scott is a bad actor on this.


“It’s unclear why or in what capacity Scott sat in on the briefing. It’s also not clear the circumstances of the briefing.”

Not it’s not.

“Prior to assuming his current role, Scott was a partner in the Sacramento office of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, where his practice focused on white collar criminal defense and corporate investigations.”

Yeah. He was given the inside scoop so he could provide some defense advice to Trump.


Is Scott going to be called to testify?


I’m with Barney Frank on this: we need a political end to Tramp, not a legal one.


Waiting for the next chapter on this. Doubt that it was for good. Haven’t seen a good actor among them ever-that includes all the holdovers from both Bushies.


Wow! So he went from US Attorney to white collar criminal defense lawyer back to US Attorney. That’s sounds like an interesting trajectory from a conflict of interest point of view. BTW, it’s hard to see what the Eastern district of CA have to do with the Mueller probe. This sounds so promising!

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And Whitaker could nope out on did you talk to any trump people about the SC investigation


This! He was there to spread info to (in)appropriate persons and provide plausible deniability to Whitaker.


That seems a distinct possibility.


I would like more information on a question that was asked about a special task force that was created approximately seven months ago in regards to religion. What’s that about?

I think religious groups were mentioned. I got the feeling that it was generated by the Republicans religious right.

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Scott was also serving as Senior Advisor for Whitaker, something like a private tutor, when he was appointed.

Also, a little update on Greg Scott, the US Attorney who was in the Mueller briefing. Per DOJ spokesperson, Scott “has been a senior advisor to A/AG Whitaker during this transition period. Splits his time between Main Justice and Eastern District of CA.”

— Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) February 8, 2019

George W. Bush, who sacked a bunch of US Attorneys for refusing to follow his political orders or lose their appointments. Lots of AUSA’s do criminal defense work then go back into Government service. But GWB appointed Kavanaugh to the DC Circuit and fired a bunch of US Attorneys across the nation. Let’s not forget that. He fired Republicans for refusing to be influenced by himself and his corrupt administration.


The latter takes care of the former.

Thats the dumbest comment I’ve ever read, and I read Daily KOS.


he was previously appointed to the position by Bush and served until 2009. Trump appointed him in December 2017. So a recent Trump appointee (sworn in in March 2018). Interesting.