Discussion: Which Trump Obstruction Acts Did Mueller Find To Be Most Obstruction-y?

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Yes, yes, but AG Barr said, “Nonetheless, the White House fully cooperated with the Special Counsel’s investigation, providing unfettered access to campaign and White House documents, directing senior aides to testify freely, and asserting no privilege claims.” What’s ten or so patently obstructive acts here and there against such a ringing endorsement of the President’s exemplary cooperation by his senior defense attorney? Oops…I mean the Attorney General of the United States and the President’s senior defense attorney.


I hope the Congress picks up where Mueller was forced to leave off. Trump has demonstrably attempted to obstruct justice on numerous occasions and the only reason he was not charged was the OLC memo and DoJ policy. That in no way prevents the House from bringing a bill of impeachment to the Senate. I think it’s going to happen, sooner or later.


Russia is laughing at us. And at Trump.

“Great Again”?

Thanks, Republicans.


If these three things were the worst that Trump ever did or will ever do, I’ll eat my Easter bonnet.



But the GOP is never in disarray. Arguably, the GOP is gobsmacked! And why is this Trump’s strength? His strength is that he lies and misdirects?? You see, this is the problem that I have with NYT political reporters. They may write a good story but they suck at analysis.


And cites other lies as his sources… Welcome to the post-fact-world…


Barr lies. Is the NYT nuts? The House can use Mueller’s testimony and the full unredacted report against Barr’s lies.

That is some dumb shit.


Mike Schmidt symbolizes pretty much everything that’s wrong with corporate media in America today.

They’re like fat cows who refuse to believe the kindly farmer who feeds them would ever eat them.


OT- (because i am anal, and couldn’t find this in the news other than twitter)

Finally found a media source for the Dem reply to the DOJ offer of the Gang of 8 to see a “less redacted” version of Mueller Report under highly restricted conditions.

Today the Dems told Barr to go pound sand.


This is where the Democrats should start their investigation…drag in all of the witnesses to this behavior, put them under oath, and have them publicly state what happened and what Trump did. Then, watch the Republicans use every tangent they possibly can to avoid asking questions…the behavior will be clear, both what Trump did and how the Republicans are desperate to cover for him. The American people will get it, and it will turn them to the side of getting rid of the political corruption. Add in all the other investigations (Zinke, Pruitt), add in one for Barr’s attempted cover up, and it will turn the people away from the Republicans. It will take a long time, it may not get to the point that the people are in favor of impeachment, but that’s actually alright…winning in 2020 is more important.

And then, we press for real investigations after winning, arrests by the DoJ for any crimes, and pass real laws that make this stuff illegal. I know people want to see Trump marched out in handcuffs, but that really can backfire if he is able to spin impeachment as a political witch hunt, and the redacted Mueller report should make it clear that we cannot afford to risk a second Trump term.


Remember during the campaign for President when many folks, including Repubs some of whom now are Trump apologists, deemed him unfit and lacking the required temperament for the office? If one can put the legalities - or illegalities - aside, a big IF, the Mueller report confirms exponentially those original sentiments. Trump is manifestly immoral, amoral, unethical and corrupt in every way.


Oh, the oranganity, oh the oranganity!


Oh, the Hugh Mango-T!



I heard ‘applesauce’ being used in an old movie (dialogue) the other night. Made me laugh.

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Wait, this story says

“Trump dictated a message to Lewandowski.”

Like on a dictaphone? With a tape?


Haven’t had time to read all the threads today due to spring chores, garden tilling and transplanting plants into bigger containers. Did anyone post this?

Reuters/Ipsos conducted the public opinion poll.

Their findings were as follows:

According to the poll, 37 percent of adults in the United States approved of Trump’s performance in office, down from 40 percent in a similar poll conducted on April 15 and matching the lowest level of the year. That is also down from 43 percent in a poll conducted shortly after U.S. Attorney General William Barr circulated a summary of the report in March.

The poll was conducted Thursday afternoon to Friday morning and was the first national survey conducted after the Mueller report’s release.


So I have a question: do any of Barr’s letters to congress rise to the level of furnishing deliberately misleading or false information? Because if they arguably do, and someone asks Barr that question, he has an interesting choice to make.


Somewhat OT

After seeing bits and pieces of failed Little Rock Tent & Awning model Hamhock Huckleberry’s latest performance and no-Barr-too-low’s Dissembling Sycophantic Shitshow, I’m reminded that New York University professor Jay Rosen nailed the proper response to such outings over two years ago. “Send the lowest level interns,” he said.