Discussion: Where Are The Candidates Today?

Ummm… in all seriousness, where on earth is Mike (sing a song of six) Pence? Has he finally gained a sense of decency and decided to give up?

Is it me or

A) does it seem like Hillary campaign is letting her take the foot of the gas a little? Sign of confidence?

B) did the Donald use a dartboard to pick where he is today, because that list seems, well, insane?

Maybe it’s the revenges of the unpaid pollster.


Maybe KellyAnne isn’t showing him the polls that have him down bigly? Milking a campaign for its last dollar is her M.O. too.


He’s in Florida, North Carolina, and New Hampshire today. He’s just so boring and terrible that TPM forgot about him.



I like-- that on the list of campaign surrogates to appear today-- that Trump has none.
Those who had been-- realize It’s of no further use on their ruined resumes.

Plus? At this point? They aren’t likely to be reimbursed for a damn thing.
(Might as well just drink in the airport bar all-day today Kelleyanne!)


Googling? Pence hasn’t appeared on behalf of Trump–
since before a cancelled event in Trenton on Oct 9th.

We’ll see how many of these stops he makes–
or whether it’s just die werbung to keep up the image of effort.


I am encouraged that President Obama’s incredibly valuable time is being used here in Florida. That tells me that the Clinton campaign thinks we can win the state, despite Nate Silver moving us to leans Trump.

I had avoided the traditional Dem panic until I saw 538 after a rough day canvassing yesterday. Somebody give me a hug before I head back out into the trenches today?


Nate isn’t entering the raw data. He’s entering what he thinks should be the correct raw data.


Sam Wang predicts FL >80% probability to go (D):

Let me know if you need another!
And thanks for what you are doing @stiggy !



I saw the blow up with the HuffPo writer. If it were any other pollster, I’d be less concerned, but no one else has his track record. :confused:

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I ask for a hug and I get encouragement AND data. You’re awesome.

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Nate had lightning in a bottle for 2 GE’s and was giving it away.
Now he’s pulling down some coin. Can’t say I blame him.
Note he’s no longer starting tweetbitchslapfights with Sam anymore?



Actually, Markos Moulitsas (DKos) outperformed everyone aggregating polls in 2012 IIRC.

From DKos this morning:



Don’t know about today but how about tonight ? READY ??

"Trump To Campaign With Ted Nugent, Noted Racist Who Said Hillary Clinton Should Be Hanged

A Week After Calling Clinton A “Devilbitch,” Nugent Will Appear At A Trump Rally"


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Well they both like them young.

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I did too.
But so was I. :sunglasses:


Where is Melania? Cribbing a concession speech?

Trump and the Nuge on the same stage in Michigan today…

Chelsea’s barnstorming through my home town! But I have so much unfinished biz to do after yelling at Donald Trump for hour after hour here. I should sue his flabby ass.