Discussion: Whenever Trump Sours On Dan ‘Mr. Rogers’ Coats, Pence Brings Him Back From Brink

So a man who does this on purpose

is not happy with a man who does this when he finds out we’re pulling out of Syria for the first time?

Trump privately sneers at as “Mister Rogers” due to what he perceives as an unwillingness to implement directives

This is completely opaque to me.

When I think of Mr Rogers, I don’t think of someone with “an unwillingness to implement directives.”


so there IS a reason for Pence’s existence? wonders will never cease…


Maybe we need to rewatch Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood and look for episodes where Mr. Rogers fails to implement directives.


Apparently, Coats’ inability to control his facial expressions has repeatedly landed him in hot water with the thin-skinned President.

Inability? Unwillingness more like.

Here’s a video of it worth watching

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