Discussion: When Our Police Should and Should Not Act Like The Military

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Cops have simultaneously become more aggressive and more chickenshit.

My former neighbor was a petty criminal. He had some stolen goods in his garage. I woke up one morning to 30 cops surrounding his house. They had full riot gear on, shotguns, shields, etc. They busted down all three outside doors, and all the inside doors - the ones that don’t have lock and can be opened easier and faster by turning the knob. They trashed the house on their “search” for stuff that they knew was in the garage. Then they cuffed him and four of them carried him out of the house instead of letting him walk.

I asked one of my father’s old timer cop friends how they would have handled it. He said two guys would have gone to the house, rung the doorbell, and politely informed him that he was under arrest. He said that if you acted with respect, you looked good to the community, even if you were arresting someone. I said, “They said they were afraid he had a gun. What about that?” He said, “Well, then we’d kill the motherf-er.”

We need the polite, badass cops back, please.


There’s a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people. - Commander Adama, Battlestar Galactica

The police in the 30’s did the same thing to Bonnie and Clyde and their car without Bearcats and full body armor. I have a feeling the end result without the Bearcats in this case would have been just as deadly because the police had time to set up the ambush. The Bearcats just allowed them to shoot the fish in a barrel from close up with a bigger caliber gun. Basically, an overkill.


I read the story, and don’t see any reference to actual police departments making such a request. It seems to only refer to Fox News anchors and so-called ‘analysts’.


“That’s because we have a militarized public in the country with military-assault rifles, armored vests, bullets that pierce armors."

Ignore the obvious much?


I have a police officer friend who posted a meme on Facebook about how liberals want to take their gear (the military stuff), but look at how it was needed in San Bernadino. Liberals don’t want police officers to be safe and able to defend themselves. Then he will argue with me about gun control and how it’s not constitutional. Honest to God, I can’t even deal with it.


Click on the red “police” link and you’ll read that “Michigan cops are fuming.” But there don’t seem to be other PDs weighing in. So yes, it’s uninformed radio talkers trying to set policy.


What good is a Bearcat or other armored vehicle if you are draped all over the outside of the armor?


Alternate headline:



I’m glad this guy didn’t wait for the bearcats to be deployed.

Edit to add:

By the time the guys in the photo showed up with their Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck the Bonnie & Clyde terror team were back home changing their Facebook status.


I suspect the answer to your question is this: After more that a decade of war, arms makers and sellers have both exhausted the military market for their goods and become accustomed to large profits. They can’t sell directly to local police because local taxes won’t support that. But, they have to continue growing, and they have a very cozy relationship with Congress. So, they sell the military more than they could possibly use, and the “surplus” is then given to locals. Problem solved. Your tax dollars at work.


Welfare for Warfare, ya know?

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Law enforcement response might have been considerably faster and more effective had so many officers not been delayed by a change of costume into urban warfare dress-up gear. By the time all of the junior john waynes arrived, the shooters had made a leisurely departure.

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The President of the Fraternal Order of Police made the exact same argument as the Michigan cops on Fox last Thursday. A lot of law enforcement officers fear having these weapons taken away.

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Thanks for responding directly, but I don’t believe the information about the FOP was in today’s item or I would’ve modified my response.

I think part of that is that there are police that like the idea of being a paramilitary unit instead of doing the job they were supposedly trained for. That might explain why you have people like your friend that want their military ‘toys’ back.

These are people that have gone from ‘serve and protect’ to seeing the people in their communities as ‘the enemy’, and themselves as the occupying force trying to keep ‘the enemy’ from doing anything they feel is wrong that day.

Well, that, and there are (I believe) laws stating that actual military hardware can’t be directly sold to law enforcement. Which would explain why they had been given the surplus items instead from the government.

Which scares the living hell out of me. See my previous comment as to why.

Once the police of the US see themselves more as paramilitary units and less like actual police, the shift goes from treating the people of your community as citizens to something more akin to an invading armed force ‘keeping the peace’ against a nebulous ‘enemy’.