Discussion: When Called A 'Pathological Liar,' Cohen Quips: 'Are You Referring To Me' Or Trump

Scumbag yells at scumbag for ratting out prez scumbag.


one admits to lying and will suffer the consequences.
The other, is a pathological liar and will never admit it and will suffer the consequences someday soon hopefully.
At this point, who you going to believe?


The GOP is reduced to answering their own ill-conceived questions.

If Cohen wanted he could call some witnesses to question Gosar’s fitness to be in this role:

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Before I left the apartment to run an errand, a GOP Rep surnamed Hice did this whole third degree on how Michael Cohen and his attorneys had been in contact with Chairmen Cummings and Schiff prior to appearing voluntarily today.

I really fucking hope that one of the Democrats asks Cohen a line of questioning on who he was in contact with (Nunes, Meadows) on the GOP committee majorities before his prior appearances. And who he was in contact with who encouraged him to lie to congress.

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So much for Reagan’s 11th Commandment.


An outstanding Question – never answered.