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Obese, hypocritical, toupee’d, God-humping Bible-thumping scum. He should disappear.


Once the two daughters moved into the Harris home, things took a bizarre turn. The Harrises claimed that the two girls were “dangerous” and a threat to their sons. But they also thought that they were possessed by demons. They reportedly brought in specialists to perform an exorcism. The Harrises have denied that they thought the girls were possessed and said that they were told by a therapist take away the middle sister’s toys. They also reportedly isolated the middle sister in her room.

uh, huh…


Harris is just another scumbag republican. But I repeat myself.


They should have brought in Bobby Jindal. Isn’t he a certified exorcist?


Yikes! on so many levels.

Some initial thoughts:

Typically, adoption is a rather lengthy process, involving home inspections, credit and background checks, counseling, and regular visits between the children and adoptive family prior to the permanent placement to ensure compatibility. The sense I get from the story – that the couple pressured authorities to “fast-track” this process – should have set off the authorities’ alarm bells;

Typically the authorities don’t like to split up siblings as that would compound the trauma they are already experiencing after being removed from a possibly dysfunctional home. Since the couple did not initially want all three sisters, why did authorities agree to split up the siblings;

Was there any administrative oversight – presumably just as rigorous and thorough as the original adoption process – over what seems to be a casual and informal “rehoming” of one of the sisters? Or is this the equivalent of buying a used gun and not being required to go through a background check?

Why were the children not immediately removed when the adoptive parents first reported problems “controlling” the children?

Given their alarming belief in exorcisms and demonic possession, and their willingness to subject a girl to an exorcism – and also warehouse her sister with someone who then raped her – is there any concern for the safety and well-being of the children currently enrolled in the couple’s preschool? Has a review and inspection of the preschool been scheduled or undertaken in light of what has happened? Is there a mechanism for any measures to remove the children from this school, or decertify it on the grounds that it presents a potential hazard to children? That hardly seems like an appropriate environment for children.

This is just monstrous.


That’s the right word.


So much love, morality and family values in these two children of God. I would live rather live a world of sinners.


Nicely done Randy. It starts with this:

  1. Each Year Since the Recession, America’s Richest 1% Have Made More Than the Cost of All U.S. Social Programs
  2. Just 47 Wealthy Americans Own More Than Half of the U.S. Population
  3. Ten Percent of the World’s Total Wealth Was Taken by the Global 1% in the Past Three Years
    Budget Cuts Mean More than Politics to Abused Children (2012)

And results in this from Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (2012):

LITTLE ROCK – Today, the Arkansas Department of Human Services announced cuts to state programs that help abused children. Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families says the cuts, resulting from a $2.2 million cut in federal Temporary Assistance For Needy Families funding, prove once again that budget cuts – the talk of the town among some in Washington, D.C. – mean cuts in services for those who need them most.

According to DHS, the cuts would affect funding for the DHS Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) used to conduct child maltreatment investigations. Two vital child welfare programs that will prevent more children from entering foster homes will be eliminated. The Human Services Workers in Schools Program, which provided family and student counseling, parent training and crisis intervention services to 15,249 students last year is now gone. Funding for Family Resource Centers, which educate parents about child development and teach them how to deal with their children’s behavior, will be eliminated as well. Family Resource Centers served over 11,448 families last year.

The State Police Crimes Against Children Division will also lose some funding although the agency intends to fill the gaps by shuffling around funds from elsewhere in the State Police budget, potentially leaving other programs at risk. The cuts will take effect July 1, 2012.

Rich Huddleston, executive director of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (AACF), says that as we reduce prevention services like the two programs eliminated by DCFS today, we will begin to see even more children enter the foster care system.

“As funding becomes tight, we need to look at the state budget, including the TANF budget, and make sure we protect our top priority – the health, well-being and safety of our children,” Huddleston said. “The state has very tough choices to make in the short-term as funding is cut that will affect the long-term needs of our children. As caseloads of DCFS workers increase, the safety of our children will be in jeopardy.”


Sounds like a big mess folding into God’s message of peace and love.

“You don’t know what we’ve been through this past year. You have no idea what my family has been through.”

A six-year old child was raped repeatedly during the same time … but it’s all about ‘you’ … you’re the victim..

What repulsive ignorant thinking, it’s just as repulsive as the system that allows you to remain in office.

Fix your adoption laws Arkansas!


At a guess, the girls were “possessed” because they had thoughts of their own and weren’t the quiet obedient slaves God intends all children to be. Only cure for that is denying them toys and human interaction, obviously. How else can you possibly deal with kids who have already suffered serious trauma? Letting them have fun? Ha! Fun is a tool of the Devil.

And holy crud! I wouldn’t trust that Francis dude to work at my daycare, and definitely wouldn’t regift him with two young girls. Maybe that’s just a bad photo, but based on appearances, he’s the guy you’d typecast as a redneck rapist in every movie. But presumably, Harris prayed to God before making this decision, so it must have been the right one. So if things went wrong, God’s the one who needs to stand up and take the blame. This was all part of His plan.


But it’s OK because he wears a loud flag tie and lapel pin, which means he’s far more patriotic than anyone else.


Thanks for the info. I was wondering about the setup on the state level. Because it sure looked like there were some deep holes in the system. A rushed adoption? Something did not pass the smell test.


Poor kids, abused at home, abused by their ‘rescuer’, then abandoned.


Abandoned to another abuser.


I’ve been following this case and it is dirty as all get out.

Breaking apart young abused sisters. Being advised/warned that their family wasn’t a good fit for abused girls by just about everyone. Applying political pressure to ram through the process. Locking the 4 year old up in basically solitary with a video camera so she can’t speak telepathically with her sister. Giving her to a guy that you had fired from working at your preschool.

All while collecting $$$ from the state to help care for the girls.

Kicker is this asshole continuing to talk about how bad the girls are publicly. They’ve mentioned that a small animal was crushed. It was a gerbil. It happened before the adoption took place and not by the girls they kept. He has no problem talking about how frightened they were of them and how bad they were. He’s disgusting.

I’m glad they are away from him and his nutbag demon believing wife. I’m glad their new home is stating they are good girls.


Wow, Darcy, that really paints a grim picture.

I knew things already were bad enough with a system that had been under-resourced, but with budget cuts on top of that, it’s looking pretty dire for the most vulnerable members of our society.

I pray for the poor children that wind up in the system and get further victimized.


Agree – our imperfections can be our salvation.

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“All while collecting $$$ from the state to help care for the girls.”

Thanks for bringing that point up. When I read the article, I wondered if the couple was getting money to take in the girls.