Discussion: What North Korea Is Trying To Accomplish With Nuke Threat To US

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Trump’s strategery: Find nuclear armed country headed by possibly crazed paranoiac with real enemies. Poke with stick while proclaiming loudly that it is high time someone stood up for the US.

What could possibly go wrong?


I’m no expert in Asian affairs, or even a qualified amateur, but I’m guessing that protecting the regime–a criminal gang by all accounts–is another or possibly the main motive. By directing the population’s fear and loathing towards an external threat–the US–the regime is able to remain in power. I seriously doubt that NK has any intention of provoking the US into a shooting match. Just get the crazy western leader to send waves of fear across their own population, and then present KIm and the ‘family’ as the only ones who can protect them. I suspect they’ll soon retreat and bask again in their own self-satisfied security.

Trump is playing right along.


Also since Trump has this really obvious habit of making huge threats and then never following up on them, Kim will get to play it as a victory if nothing happens, saying he scared the US into backing down. Trump is the perfect patsy.

Or maybe he’ll get us all killed! I guess we’ll find out!


A perfect description of everything that spews from Donald’s pie hole

…lots of rhetorical bluster with no actual policy ideas behind it…

From Chris Murphy here