Discussion: What It's Really Like To Be An Abortion Clinic Escort

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“…they don’t acknowledge that there are differences in theology…”

Because they don’t believe in the free exercise of religion.


It’s tragic that people like Norm are still necessary. Medical guidelines have changed. The IUD is a first-line contraceptive therapy for all women, and Plan B is available without a prescription. Widespread use of both would go a long way towards eliminating most abortions, but so-called pro life activists are sadly more interested in judging women than helping anyone.

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but those same activists regard those 2 products as abortifacients and the ladies using them will spend eternity in hell or work for Hobby Lobby, whichever is worse.

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Free exercise doesn’t mean telling people they are wrong. I reckon people here think these people are wrong but they would still have the right to practice wrong beliefs.

“But they mean the Christian god, and they don’t acknowledge that there are differences in theology.”

Such phrasing bothers me – many self-professed Christians believe abortion is sometimes an appropriate thing. Belief that Jesus is Christ and so forth doesn’t require thinking otherwise. Ditto in respect to gay rights. Some think being “Christian” means otherwise, but no reason to encourage them.