Discussion: What Is Ted Cruz Thinking?

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Or maybe he just wants a sweet book deal and a guaranteed job at Fox when he’s ultimately run out of office? He may view his trajectory as less Barak-ish and more Newt-y


It’s his meme moment with benefits he hopes to retire on one day soon.


¨(A) small whiff of superciliousness…¨

Ah, the irony of understatement.


“What is Cruz thinking?”

Money. Free money. Lots of it.


He’s the #1 darling of the Koch brothers. He’s been a key guest at all their gatherings. Follow the money…


Cruz was touting his record yesterday. I was thinking what record. What is he talking about.


The above commenters–and, for that matter, Cruz’s opponents, and maybe even some of his supporters–mistake Cruz’s sincerity for cynicism at their peril. He’s already shown over the past two years that he’s more than willing to not settle for half a loaf when it comes to politics; folks like Huckabee, Walker, and Jindal, each of whom works the same sort of rhetorical terrain as Cruz but is a variant of a right-wing chameleon, will get their asses handed to them as Cruz exposes their lack of commitment to that rhetoric. Cruz is smart, but not as smart as he thinks he is (and his arrogance is a definite liability), so he can be beaten–but only by taking him on head-on.

Cruz probably won’t win the nomination, and certainly not the general election, but that doesn’t mean anyone can just dismiss him.


Probably his willingness to stand up to the establishment–which Tea Party types are persuaded has some sort of unholy alliance with Obama. In these days of a politics of opposition, that’s all the record some folks need to see.


What is Ted Cruz thinking in running for president? Well, before he read “Green Eggs and Ham” on the Senate floor, Cruz also read, “If I Ran The Circus” by Dr Seuss. It may have inspired him.

“Certainly, he is one smart cookie. But to my skeptical ears, there is always a touch of condescension in the pitch — a small whiff of superciliousness that gives one the unlovely impression that Ted Cruz believes his listeners to be a little bit dim.”

And who can blame him for that?


Gotta sell books somehow.

Ted Cruz makes Bob Dole look charming.


All of this may be true, but if recent history tells us anything, it’s that there will come a point in this cycle where Ted Cruz is the clear frontrunner in primary polls - a position once occupied by such GOP luminaries as Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.


It’s hard to read the mind of an egomaniac, but whenever Cruz speaks and he gets applause, he gets this strange, smug, self-satisfied half smile on his face that is really, really creepy.


Do arrogance and hubris really need justification? I mean, really. Guy doesn’t have a snowman’s chance in hell of seeing the Oval Office. Shutdown fight on parade once more. Petulance played out on the national stage. This is good, I think, for the Republican party, and the country as a whole. We need this kind of alembic to finally purge the intransigent from the national debate. It will take several election cycles and a string of Democratic or at least progressive Presidents and likely will never be 100% finished. But in the mean time, maybe we can begin the process of salvaging what is left of our democracy.


Makes you wonder if Hillary hired him to run. His being in the race frames the debate in such a way that Independents can’t possibly ignore the crazy conservative slant of all GOP candidates.


His condescension will do him in. He comes across as thinking he is better than anybody around him. That unfortunate personality trait wears thin after a while.


He is the closest to a Ronald Reagan run as conservatives will ever get. This is not saying he is like Ronald Reagan, only on the way he will run for POTUS. Ronald Reagan ran as a conservative and even went to Miss. to give a racist speech. I think that Ted Cruz fits the modern day view of the true conservative of today. He could win with hard line conservatives in the primary, but don’t see how he can win a general election. Though I also, thought Ronald Reagan didn’t have a chance either.

I like Ted Cruz! He reminds me of Joseph McCarthy, but without the charm.