Discussion: WH Spox: Trump’s Muslim Ban 'Disqualifies Him' From Presidency

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Yeah, I’d call that unsparing criticism. Everything including the hair? The only thing left in the expression-of-contempt repertoire would be to pour a beer on his head.


Has anyone noticed when Trump is talking there seems to be a disconnect between the words and the shape of his mouth while speaking? Like a dubbed kung fu film. Just curious if it is just me.


However, if anything, the social media are quite scary with the amount of support he is getting from the population. Yeah, sure, Ryan, and some of the others have come out against, but i have a retired Marine and others on my social media voicing complete agreement with Trump and calling others out on why they hate America because they DON’T agree with Trump.

We are one sick nation, these days.


Possibly it’s because the mouth is rarely where the words are coming from.


Baaam! what a remarkable statement from Josh. He just slammed the entire GOP against the wall and really left them with no choice. They are either on the side of the Constitution and a civilized society or they are on the side of Donald Trump. The other candidates will have to make an election which now appears to be a lose/lose situation. Thank you Josh…


That would also explain the hand gestures.

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“even the fake hair”
That’s freaking great!!!


Trump will threaten to sue for defamation.


Yeah, it’s tough. But they should not place the White House as Trump’s number one target; let him continue to comedy-wrestle the the others in the Klown Kar.


That’s a good point but Trump talks smack about Obama damn near every time he opens his mouth. And it seems Obama has the key insight into dealing with Trump that very few others do: He doesn’t care about conventional criticism but he cares very much indeed about being mocked, disrespected, and treated as if he has no importance. You can’t have a dignified conflict with the guy, he sucks that possibility out of the air, but you can make him nuts. Obama’s showing everyone how to do it. Psyops! That’s what I think is going on here; that, or just Obama having some fun with a guy he really doesn’t like much.


17-dimensional chess in action! By having Obama come out against Trump, that GUARANTEES that Obama haters will vote for Trump, thereby also guaranteeing a Dem victory.


I think most of his supporters will stick with him. They are thoroughly frightened at their prospects for the future and so will do whatever the loudest speaker says. Trump has the most bandwidth in MSM.

This is Trump’s downfall. It will be his “Bridge too Far”.
He will spiral down in support, with only the hard-core Crazies and Fascists supporting him, but only after a sizable JUMP in support from said lunatics.
This gives the Corporate Wing of the GOP the ammunition they need to take him down by splitting off his financial supporters. It will also embolden the MSM to get a modicum of a backbone to challenge his ramblings.
Unfortunately, this will just open the way for Ted Cruz to pick up Trump’s more “moderate” (using the term loosely) supporters and move ahead in the polls (and If anything the Corporate Wing hates Ted Cruz even more than they fear Donald Trump.)
They WANT a Bush/Rubio ticket, but JEB! is SO incompetent he will be unable to take advantage of the stumble and Rubio is SUCH an “empty suit” he makes them long for the days of the “wise sayings” of Dan Quayle.
I fear that Ted Cruz will now rise to the top spot in the GOP, and Trump, in his truculence will announce he is “picking up his marbles and going his own way” by announcing a 3rd Party run for the Presidency (which is really where he belongs anyway.)
This will be the end of the current GOP with it splitting down the center and fully half of it moving to support Trump’s independent candidacy (and the MSM will swoon with delight at the prospect of Cruz heading the GOP and Trump heading the “American Party” (or whatever he calls it) as the copy will just write itself.)
Dangerous times ahead when the stability of the “two party system” (with all it’s warts and failings) is shattered.
You never know what will rise out of the ashes of the GOP. Just ask Weimar Germany circa 1932.


Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslim immigration is both morally abhorrent and utterly unconstitutional.

While he used to be just a disgusting, obnoxious buffoon, he has developed into a very dangerous demagogue.

Even if he doesn’t get as far as winning the Republican nomination, he’s already managed to do serious damage to this country by dragging a presidential primary campaign down into depths of moral depravity not seen since George Wallace.


And getting sicker. Much sicker. Probably terminal.


This isn’t actually going to work. It’s like in Final Fantasy when you use fire magic on a fire-based creature - it heals them.

I did this in high school but it was coke. Youngsters, mind you.

This was a great takedown!! :smile:

This makes at least the second G.O.P. contender who would be unable to take the oath of office. Rubio is the other, with his declaration that God’s law is superior to man’s law, and that he would violate U.S. law if it conflicted with what the sky pixie voice in his head was telling him. Huckabee probably falls into the same category.


Did the guy throw hands, or slink away? Not many other options available.