Discussion: WH Spox: I Don't Agree<span style="line-height: 1em;"> That The Media Has Been Tougher On Carson

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This process is good for our democracy,” Earnest continued. “It’s not easy to run for President — it shouldn’t be.”

“And people when they make public comments — they’re going to have their claims scrutinized, even if they’re claims about their own biography,” Earnest added. “That’s part of the process, and it was difficult when those questions were raised about Senator Obama.”

Well-stated, Mr. Ernest.


“I think many of you who have covered both the 2008 campaign and this campaign, I think, can obviously draw your own conclusions based on the work that all of you have done.”

I love this line too. Terrific jiu-jitsu there by Earnest.


I’m pretty sure he should just play the Lion King/birth certificate bit from the correspondent’s dinner and be done with it.


Well, if Obama were black, he would understand how upsetting it is for Dr. Carson to endure this type of discrimination.


but…but…but not every crackpot Obama story has been disproved!

The more appropriate comparison would be with the way the media parsed Al Gore’s statements. Everything the man said became fodder for questioning his integrity and even his sanity. Love Story, doggie pills, “inventing” the Internet. However, Gore, unlike Carson, was actually telling the truth.


Well, here comes the next one. Ran across at another site, from another Carson speech/video:

A few years ago I was in the operating room, and I got a phone call from one of the Hopkins attorneys, and they said that the state of Florida was trying to attach my wages for child support.

Here we go - they called him in the operating room. The folks who have to defend the hospital from malpractice would interrupt/disturb a neurosurgeon in the OR to go over bureaucratic BS that can be handled during office hours. Yeah, that happened.


Inside “The Bubble” it is different history entirely from what you and I know.
Just ask your Crazy Tea-Party Uncle. He will tell you all about it.
Ronnie Reagan personally defeated COMMUNISM with his manly big muscled arms and steely gaze and brought Peace and Prosperity to ALL. For Free.
George H.W. Bush showed that the USA has the biggest DICKS in the world by easily defeating Obama’s secret Baby-Daddy Sadam Hussein, only to be “stabbed in the back” by the nefarious Democrats.
Bill Clinton STOLE THE ELECTION with the help of ACORN and the ILLUMINATI and proceeded to rape hundreds of defenseless WHITE WOMEN working in Government and then forced them to have Planned Parenthood Abortions while Hillary went on a top secret Killing spree (starting with Vice Foster) to cover it all up (with the help of the Shadow Government.)
George W. Bush: Who?
Barack Hussein Obama: Where to begin…be prepared for a hour-long tirade that would be rejected as an X-Files script for being “Too outrageous and ridiculous”. Backed up by quotes from Rush Limbaugh and Hannity.


OMGosh. Well, all I can say is that if that were true, it must have been one helluva garnishment.

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Dr. Carson’s complaints make him look like a lightweight.

Then Senator Obama was smart enough to refuse to broker power with Fox. A consistent enemy like Fox is better than an unreliable “friend” who has only self advancement at heart. Dr. C howsomeever, needs Fox to run interference and promote his candidacy. The downside for Doc is Fox carries an implied threat if he gets out of hand. It’s the basic deal with the devil.

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Obama ran his 2007 presidential campaign with a NO whining and complaining edit. His campaign team remained focus and confronted controversy head-on. That can’t be said for Dr. Carson and to a lesser extent Trump, though Trump has a propensity threatening to stay outta debates or single out reporters and their news organization.


The quintessential “damning with faint phrase” coming from one of the grownups


What you supposed English majors need to understand is Dr. Carson’s faith leads him to speak in literal metaphors. Literal, in that ever word he speaks, or a ghostwriter produces, is the absolute truth just as what is written in the Bible. Like the Bible every word also contributes to a metaphor for children and others not ready to handle the true word of god to learn from. The problem is being able to tell the difference.

When a man says he’s honest, no one should question him. - Ben Carson, an honest man

Are you telling me this saintly man was a deadbeat dad?

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To do that I would first need to convince you that this warmed over tapioca could convince a second person that he was worth fucking. I lack the imagination to come up with a world where that could happen.

The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

May come in handy to use this with Carson.

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Virgin birth might explain that.
The ®ubes would eat it up too.


So you’ll always have something to shovel the shit with?