Discussion: WH Press Sec. On Oregon Standoff: We're Hopeful It Can Be Resolved Peacefully

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Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


Peacefully fail to plow the road in, cut the electricity, and set up a cellphone jammer. They’ll be snowshoeing out within a week.


Trap them in and refuse to let them leave. Then make them pay taxes on all bazillion acres.


FInaLLY SOMEONE wHO WILL stand UP TO GoverNMENT thUGS aND A SHOUT-OUT to the CIVILIAN activist ON MORNING JOE wHO Was SORTA NOT wiLLING to LAY down HIS LIfe on PRINCIPLE BECAUse HE’s GOT a BUSINess AND six KIDs anD The KIDs and HIs EMPLOYEes depend on HIS SUPPort. AND THE GOVERNMENT Didn"T make ANY OF that. HE DID!1111111!one1!!!1!!!


I think the only real solution is to deed the federal property back to the relevant Indian peoples that were evicted from it in the first place… perhaps include any privately held ranch land that was taken from them in the US’s westward expansion. If the Indian peoples then want to develop the land, or lease it back to the ranchers, that’s their business and the federal government no longer needs to be involved.


I hope Josh Earnest had his little smile on, when he said that…they deserve any ridicule they get…

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Fuckin’ A! Game over, man! Game over!!!

Earnest said the occupation was a “local law enforcement matter,” although local agencies had the FBI’s support.

Um, no. That is federal property, not state’s or a local municipality’s property. The protesters’ beef is with the federal government. I do understand the administration’s strong desire not to escalate this standoff, but, please, let’s not muddle the issue.

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Earnest didn’t need to mention the number of battalions the U.S. Army has and how very few Vanilla ISIS have…

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You gotta love this…in reality the WH probably is saying ‘REALLY? For Pete’s sake…these people are nuts…’

I like this idea. I believe it would be the ultimate right decision – perhaps add in a sincere, heartfelt apology.

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Here’s today history lesson for the Militia

 White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that he was "hopeful" the situation in rural Oregon, where armed militia members occupied a national wildlife refuge, could be "resolved peacefully."

and added —

“But que sera sera — We’re just happy that no time and money is being wasted on higher education” –

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This kind of behavior only encourages further actions in the future. Call the terrorists, terrorists and treat them accordingly.

Vanilla ISIS

+100 !

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It’s time to start quoting Ted Cruz and his ilk on lawbreaking and how we deal with lawbreakers. Maybe we should send the Ferguson Police Dept and their fully loaded Humvees in to keep the peace.

They look like loony attention hounds. Treat them accordingly.

Puerile brains playing at little boy games - or pretending to, with the backing of monied interests looking to steal non-renewable public property.

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In the spirit of Key & Peele’s Luther, President Obama’s Anger Translator, every so often, to answer certain questions (particularly from Fox News, Breitbart, the Moonie Times and WingNutDaily) or to address particular stories like this one, I think Josh Earnest should be allowed to step aside and have the Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper respond on behalf of, if not the White House, then at least sanity.