Discussion: WH On Trump Fans Heckling Acosta: 'The Media Holds A Responsibility'

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If you support freedom of speech, bring your rally circus to San Francisco.

And don’t let your goons keep out everyone who can pass an IQ test.


Something big is coming…tick tock, tick tock. Sanders performance today was like Baghdad Bob.


“Because of that reporting, [Osama bin Laden] stopped using that phone and the country lost valuable intelligence,” Sanders said.

Remind us, please. Which President authorized the attack on Osama bin Laden?


“while we certainly support freedom of the press, we also support freedom of speech, and we think that those things go hand in hand.”

From the book of Sister Sarah Chapter 13 verse 666

Otherwise known as "First Amendment for me but Not for Thee"


Exactly. I found her referring to her notes on these questions odd, once again. She knew it all was coming. But her putting out her lies and propaganda was really visible. Her statements on freedom of speech followed by a but was absolutely the wrong direction to go. The §residential tweets are sounding desperate and his pandering to his people more strident. I cannot even grasp why he opened his yap about Manafort. It was less than prudent and looked distressed. In my eyes, while his actions are not in that trial, he just tied himself right back into it. So damn much that as I said earlier today, what the hell? I agree something is coming and they know it.


Well, I support people being able to go to the theater, sit quietly and comfortably, and enjoy the movie or play.

I also enjoy yelling, “Fire! Fire! Run for your lives!”

And throwing popcorn at some big guy in the dark, whispering, “You suck, let’s fight,” and then pointing at the little guy next to me, “It was him.”


The media simply needs to stop going to those dumb rallies and broadcasting from them. They are feeding the monster by covering the lies, salutes, and goosestepping.


After your post and my post, I refreshed the front page and this was up. So I guess we are all feeling it.

“I think we should assume that the President’s perception of the threat which the Mueller probe poses to him and his family has ratcheted up dramatically and very recently.”


"An empty vessel makes the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest babblers."


Oh, just stop it. These reflections on when America was great just tear me up. Please don’t get started on the ritualistic evening cross burnings, which involved so much celebratory speech, else I’ll be a weeping mess for the rest of the afternoon.


“while we certainly support freedom of the press, we also support freedom of speech, and we think that those things go hand in hand.”

“… especially if one of the hands is holding a shotgun and, you know, maybe some smoke grenades in the other,” she added.


Trump is in her brain. Let’s take it slow Sarah. The President has the responsibility to act like a fking SANE person. The press reports on it. Nobody fked up Osama’s cell phone or any other crap. The President can ask the press to ‘hold’ something for National Security. Demeaning the press and inciting a crowd is NOT the same thing. Ignorant whatever.


Allowing QAnon conspiracy theory nutters on the same stage as the president is well disrespectful to say he least.
They remind me of Quisp cereal.

Congress and the courts won’t control him. But the press can keep voters informed. All despots destroy the free press as the first order of business.


The Media is guilty of one thing and one thing only.
Everyday they prove that Trump is a worthless POS.


Look, there are good people on both sides.

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But what about “civility,” Ma Hamhock? Weren’t you the one who boo-hoo-hoo’d when you were asked to leave a restaurant?


“While we support the right of angry people to bring guns to your business or church, we don’t let them within 100 yards of the president or his team.
While we support the rights of strangers to forbid you to have an abortion, we support taking post-foetuses from their mothers at the border.
While we support tax cuts, American citizens have a responsibility not to get hit by a tornado, or flood, or be victim of a crime, or ever age. Take some responsibility people” she admonished.

Reporters at the conference were then startled, but not surprised, when the pit of hell opened it’s maw under the podium and swallowed her up.