Discussion: West Virginia GOP Cancels D'Souza Speech Just Before Sentencing

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W VA punk-slap for DDS before he goes to the joint; seems about right.


Shame. Coulda used that cigarette money.


Being a crook is a lifestyle choice for many Republicans. Apparently, it’s just not that big a deal for them.

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Being able to make hay out of being persecuted by the powers that be only improves your seat on the GOP gravy train. DDS did this on purpose.


If you knew D’Souza, like we know D’Souza…


Can he do his speech later from his jail cell? Skype it to those conservitards ?

I’m also wondering if they still have to pay him, even tho they cancelled it. Anybody know?

Does anyone know what his chances of seeing the inside of a jail cell are?

For the record, while I’m tickled pink to see him convicted and (still yet more) disgraced, I don’t really care if he goes to prison. A big fine and a long probation would work for me.

There are a lot of crimes I don’t think warrant incarceration for a first offense, D’Souza’s unspeakably dumb attempt at political corruption among them. And I know that the very rarity of a situation where someone is stupid enough to get caught red-handed in this particular crime means there aren’t a lot of examples to draw on.

But if anyone has any insight into the odds, I’d love to hear it.

Clearly the West Virginia Republican Party has joined up with President Obama, Democrats, Google, Costco, New York State, the New York Times, the DoJ, the IRS, King’s College, the liberal media, the mainstream media, and Hollywood as part of the vast conspiracy to silence D’Souza.


I can only make a guess, but my guess would be he does some time. His crime was the sort of thing that gets a judges attention…payola for politicians, of which, if they are not currently, they are running deep in the circles of politicians.

Plus, its the sort of thing you have to actually provide a punishment besides a slap on the wrist fine and probation. Otherwise, it just becomes viewed as the cost of doing business.

D’Souza’s case is very similar to that of Pierce O’Donnell, convicted of illegally funneling campaign donations to John Edwards in 2004. O’Donnell plead guilty and received 60 days in minimum security prison as part of a plea deal (in addition to fines, community service and probation).

Assuming D’Souza plays ball and accepts a plea deal, his sentence will probably be comparable. Of course, the judge could take into account D’Souza’s assertion that he initially planned to use his trial as a publicity stunt and refuse to offer any sort of leniency.

I’m also curious to know if New York State will take into consideration their “Son of Sam” law to prevent D’Souza from further profiting off of his crimes through his documentary and book.


Heh, heh, heh.

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The gopers on a roll today or what? crooks, thieves, backstabbing, blaming, fasting, lying and of course end a marriage by sending her to the wolves. lol
Typical day I guess lol


I hope the WV GOP didn’t confuse him with Ben Carson. They both wear glasses.

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Love it. Dinesh D’ Radioactive.

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Nope. Conrad Lucas (yes, that’s his real name), state GOP chairman, thinks D’Souza is still a national conservative treasure.

I hope TPM carries his sentencing live and I want to relish in watching them take him away in handcuffs (or at least I hope that’s what will happen)