Discussion: 'We Have To Get It Together': GOP Panics Over Imploding Agenda


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“The bottom line is we have found a way to mire ourselves into our own frustrations and we’ve got to end that,” House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) told TPM, saying internal tensions and distrust within the party are as bad as he’s seen in years, calling it “sobering” that Trump is already one-eighth through his term and warning the GOP needs to get moving — and fast.

“There’s a song, parts of a song: ‘Change your evil ways,’” he said. “We have to get it together. That’s our job.”


Just think, if there had been a border wall back in the day, Carlos Santana would never have come to the US and that song and so many other great ones might not exist.


GOP: "It was so much more fun when we had an enemy in the White House. We could beat our drums against Obamacare and vote repeal after repeal after repeal without suffering any repercussions and raise money hand over fist…

“Now everything is a mess. Who knew governing was so hard???”


And what about compromise with Democrats? That could work.




You held your nose and voted for Trump knowing what you were getting. Don’t complain about the stench now that it has permeated throughout everything GOP.


“The bottom line is we have found a way to mire ourselves into our own frustrations and we’ve got to end that,” House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) told TPM, saying internal tensions and distrust within the party are as bad as he’s seen in years,

And it really wasn’t that difficult, was it, Pete, old son? All it took was complete control of the government, and the pack of slavering shit weasels you call a political party commenced to do what they do best - devour each other. Congratulations! As for the rest of the country, Dog help us.

ETA: Have to echo @clauscph above - nice piece of reporting, and with apposite music clip to boot!


Pete Sessions likes Evil Ways? The original version of the song, by percussionist Wille Bobo and written by Sonny Henry, was recorded 50 years ago this month. https://youtu.be/EehFjKPOgKo


So a collection of assholes who really hate government get elected, and then prove to be terrible at governing. Didn’t see that coming.


There really should be such a book:


Could it be that it is finally dawning on some members, that the RW media bubble has (to keep viewers via fueling outrage) moved to more and more extreme positions that are far beyond mainstream positions and the (negative) polling on their major efforts be it health care, tax reform, medicaid cuts, voucherizing medicare (and coming soon - social security) is terrible for them. To act - ‘because they get it together’ : they are going to kill some members political careers and their own majorities - despite the huge electoral advantage due to gerrymandering?

Or that the same RW media bubble dynamic has pushed some districts so far to the right that if those reps don’t legislate in the most extreme way those members political careers could be killed - along with their own majorities. Action or inaction - either way - will likely make the party lose seats, and threatens their majorities.

If this were a scenario in a piece of literature, this dynamic would be read as poetic justice. Unfortunately it is real life, and if they get it together to act, the consequences on any of these sorts of legislation will have a long lasting impact on our country and her citizens.


Who could have possibly predicted that electing a lazy, narcissistic simpleton as President could lead to such chaos? Oh, did I mention he’s a liar and a crook, too?


They forgot this song


I, and the majority of Americans, are tired of paying for the poor lifestyle choices and politics of a minority who self-identify as Republicans.

PS Trump never really had a coherent agenda, that’s why he won.


Let the FRAGGINGS continue!


I’m going to hold off on the victory laps over health care. It ain’t over yet, and the bottomless sociopathy of the GOP means repeal is always a possibility.

The whistling-past-the-graveyard optimism that TrumpCare will go down to defeat is very reminiscent to me of the final days before the 2016 election. I wouldn’t peg the chances of the ACA’s survival any higher than 50%.


“The House, Senate and president need to put some points on the board ahead of the 2018 election."

Taking health insurance away from 22 million–or 32 million if they really go for the gusto–will certainly be a huge point-getter. Championship stuff.


I think the Republicans should just quit now while they’re ahead - no more legislation, no more executive orders, no more court nominees, no more appointments of any kind, no more gutting of regulations. Just quit now, except for career government workers enforcing what was in place on January 19 - we’ll all be much safer.