Discussion: Watch The Clippers' Silent Protest Of Owner's Racist Remarks (VIDEO)

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Good for them. The symbolic gesture is nevertheless poignant and powerful in their rebuke of Sterling’s asshattery.


I bet there was a whole lot of this going on:


Good stuff!


Wow! David Stern would have had a meltdown, and the new commish must be suffering stroke-like symptoms. That is OUTSTANDING!

And FYI The key there is the coaches’ statement. He basically said, “I gave my bosses’ statement before the game, saying my boss deserves due process. These young men just made MY statement!”

This ignorant man fully deserves this.

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Heartbreaking is all I can say.

“I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them”

Donald’s worldview is, ‘you’re a [s]lave’.

If you play for him…he’s correct. Black folks need to break the chains
of that [slave mentality], because this sh*t is embarrassing.


Perfect. (plus 20 characters)


Pithy is no longer permitted.


Well, there goes the soul of wit.


I got a feeling that very soon the Clippers will have a new owner!

Whole affair reminds me that so many persons who are polite and civil towards people of color despise them privately.
And I don’t know what, if anything, can be done about that.

Kudos to the players! The onus isn’t on the players that Sterling is exploiting and demeaning to walk away from their jobs___That could result in numerous consequences to their contracts, their futures and livelihoods. The onus is on other NBA owners and the NBA commissioner to take whatever steps are in their power to crush racist douchebag Sterling.

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The players should play and the fans should stay home. An empty Arena and no ratings for their games will give the owners the only message they will ever understand: “This asshole is costing us a lot of money!”

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The Upcoming Week In Sterling News… and Other Con Jobs:
Monday: FOX News puts out Hannity/O’Reilly to defend this unfairly maligned job creator and blames it all on Obama: “The President is the one who makes everyone think this guy is racist because of his racist racism and oh, he hates rich people too! And we must end Affirmative Action!!! argle bargle…!”

Tuesday: Dana Loesch will claim Sterling can’t be racist because he owns an NBA team_____but really he’s just not slick and polished like that Obama.

Wednesday: Rush Limblob says: “Today we are all Donald Sterling” and blames it all on Obamacare and welfare and high taxes on the rich. Ultimately, this happened because Sterling was oppressed.

Thursday: Breitbart’s trolls call the girlfriend and anyone else who has a problem with Sterling “the real racists”____ oh and look how racist Obama is!

Friday: The National Review compares criticisms of Sterling to the Holocaust . Further___ This is Hillary Clinton’s fault for being a pro-choice trollop___ oh and people should be forced to attend church at gunpoint and could we cut Sterling taxes already? He’s suffered enough!

Saturday: Cliven Bundy will, while having his leg humped by Rush Limpballz’, say, “This is all Martin Luther Kings’ fault for not doing his job.” Then a satisfied Limpballz’ will quote Chief Justice Roberts and say this all never happened at all and was fabricated by the lib–uuuu—ralllll’ media____ because there is no racism in the Unites States any longer.

Sunday: The TEAlibangelicals will insist we rest on the 7th day…(for 15mins)… And then rinse and repeat it all again. ~Breaking News: FOX has learned…!~

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I prefer to think of it as “elegant.” :slight_smile:

How could the owner of a basketball team decry African Americans?

seems like a pretty weak protest to me. taking your shirt off during warm up? how about just not showing up to the game … that would have been a real protest.

Not weak at all. These guys aren’t playing for the ownership or the league. They’re playing for their fans, and they intend to honor that. They want to express their disgust and outrage in a way that also honors their commitment to the game and their pride in it. It’s very classy in my view.

Choose your battles wisely. Let the racists be the unhinged ones.


Pure puffery. If these players had a pair they would not have played