Discussion: WATCH: Steve Harvey Briefly Crowns Wrong Miss Universe

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Message to tRump: Harvey was just trolling YOU. Because, well, EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU. Stay yugely classy gassy ass-y.


Donald Trump must have the World’s Unyuuuugest Penis.
Otherwise? I can’t fathom the basis for such yuuuuuge personal insecurities.



For crying out loud,TPM, everything isn’t about Donald Trump.


Exactly! WTH was Ms. Caitlin Cruz thinking in writing this story? Trying to make Trump sound like “one of the guys” instead of the blatant bigot and racist that he is? So much for integrity. Ms. Cruz ought to be ashamed.

If Trump still owned this farce he would have gone up another 10 points in the polls…


What a disgusting piece of trash is that Donald Trump. That said, his “co-winner” suggestion is not relevant (IMO).

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Totally unrelated question. How do you get the line-through on the text? I haven’t figured that out yet … and I’ve tried. Thanks.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

Someone is going to make sure this woman gets a record contract or movie role. And I bet they offer her the same monetary prize plus a special ambassador tour position. It won’t be the same but it will be a golden opportunity she would never have gotten as just the runner up.

So many of the contestants had talked about wanting to help children. This is the perfect learning experience for them. .

btw, I was amazed at how well both women handled the situation, as well as Harvey for that matter. Talk about poise and grace under pressure. If Trump and his supporters wants to get political, they don’t have a leg to stand on here. Women and blacks have had a lifetime of dealing with awkward and delicate situations. I don’t see that Trump has learned a thing about human decency.


Here ya go! :smile:

This link is helpful. It shows the code the board menu buttons don’t offer.


Yeah, and I thought WTF to see the headline on the front page. And I probably shouldn’t have clicked on it. And there you have Donald Trump. Surprise!

I really shouldn’t have clicked on it.

Thank you very much!

My pleasure!

Oh brother…cut the guy some slack. And who gives a fuck about this anyway, particularly what Derpy-D had to say about it?

Is Steve available to MC the GOP convention?

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Damn. I forgot Rump had sold the pageant. Like every other business dealing he’s been involved in, it was clearly way overpriced.

Trump also suggested making Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines co-winners during a Monday morning interview on “TODAY.”

The Donald then hopes to apply the same rules to the Presidential race. “Look, I got 80% of the vote that the winner did. So, I should be President 80% of the time.”

What’s missing from the chart is that to turn off the commands you add a “/” in front of the same code. Thus, you would have (I’ve inserted spaces after and before the "< >"s to avoid activating it, which would make the commands disappear) < strike > “whatever word(s)” followed by < /strike > with no spaces. Also, don’t add a space before the first word you want to effect and the last word where you want it to turn off.

Hope that makes sense, BeattyCat.

They’d never let him. He’d ask too many marijuana legalization questions.

Every thing wrong with our politics is right here in the fact that Donald Trump expressed any fucking opinion at all on the Miss Universe pageant.

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