Discussion: WATCH: Senate Intel Leaders Say Cohen Stands By Trump Tower Meeting Testimony

If Cohen didn’t stand by his testimony, he would add a lying to Congress count to his rap sheet, so not really a surprise.

Also — Hey Nunes, pay attention. This is how an Intel Committee is supposed to work.


Why come out to make this nothingburger announcement? I guarantee you this is Burr coming out to gloat and Warner just tagging along for some spotlight. Faux News will be running around with this in no time claiming that it proves that Cohen has nothing for Mueller on “collusion” and explains why there’s no cooperation agreement and why he’s getting a sweetheart deal on his many financial and election financing crimes.

I’ll tell you what…if Mueller comes out exonerating Trump before November, IT’S ALL FUCKING OVER for the next 6 years at least and probably for the foreseeable future following that after they’ve rigged our elections systems so tightly Dems can never win majorities in Congress.


I completely agree. This serves no important purpose except to give the right-wing noise machine something to replay relentlessly.


There’s no crime heinous enough, no lie big enough, no scam dirty enough to make republicans do the right thing and call for prosecution of one of their tribe members. 24/7, it’s always PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY.


Rupert Murdoch called over and told Burr to come up with something, anything, to feed and distract the MAGAts today.


He would have been exonerated before now…there is much more to come…it will be ugly


I have no idea what Burr’s game is here, but I can’t imagine any gloating about the tower meeting testimony holding up well in the face of “I committed campaign finance crimes at the direction of a (wink, wink) candidate for federal election.”


It’s a Disco moment.

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There is no way that will happen, for lots of reasons including timing, but especially because Mueller knows so much more than the rest of us do, and the rest of could already make a pretty good case for conspiracy with Russia to influence the election, obstruction of justice, and money laundering, just to name three. This still has a long way to go. We still haven’t seen Roger Stone enjoy his time in the barrel, just for starters. And Mueller is well aware of Trump’s dependence on Russian money (which came with the price of laundering Russian mob money) for about 30 years, the “unusual” communication between the Alfa Bank server in Moscow and the Trump Tower computer, etc.

It’s hard to be patient when both SCOTUS and appellate courts are being packed, Russia continues to try to swing the mid-term election, the environment is being raped, corruption is off the charts in D.C., etc…and the knowledge that as the nets close and Trump goes increasingly berserk, he could eventually start a nuclear war in his desperation to distract…but at least take comfort that this will not end well for His Orangeness.


As such, the Committee inquired of Mr. Cohen’s legal team as to whether Mr. Cohen stood by his testimony. They responded that he did stand by his testimony.

Granted, they then said their client holds Congress in more contempt than his former master and the next time they question him, they should threaten him with jail time like the DOJ.

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One aim here would be to make this announcement sound like it does, as a discussion about how they’ve ‘reached out’ to Cohen about his testimony and whether he’d like to clarify it. I heard that as an offer for him to come clean now and get a slap on the wrist or don’t come clean and earn contempt and perjury charges if they find out later he was lying.

I may be projecting, but I don’t see Warner participating in anything designed to give Trump cover on this all-important afternoon.


I’m mixed. It gives the right wing a minor bit to add to their talking point but it’s pretty inconsequential.

The only reason I can think of to justify Warner showing up for it is to give Cohen an acknowledgement from Senate that he’s not involved in that aspect of investigation.

As corrupt as Cohen is I find it believable that he never signed on for conspiring with Russia and wants the record to be clear on this point. It’s possible they think making this announcement will make him more cooperative with them.