Discussion: WATCH: Obama Turns Down Selfie As He Walks Out Of SOTU Address

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The gentleman in question is not a Congressman. He was standing next to Congressman Rick Larsen (D-WA). He has a resemblance to his elder son, Robert.

Republican plant?

Couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

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Presidential Selfie is secret service code for…something else.

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No, Obama did not say ‘I can’t take a selfie with you’. He said “I can’t take selfless…” It was not a rejection of this particular person. It was like, ‘if I do it for you, everyone will want one’. This is not a big deal.


Plus, he takes the selfie and someone can be standing behind him holding a sign (which has happened in the past). Yeah…it would be nice to get a selfie with the President, but not very realistic.

In other news, a fellow named Jack picked his nose. Somebody named Jill made some coffee. She drank it with sugar but no cream.


Glad Pres. Obama did not accept the tacky request. If he had, it would be the ONLY thing the news pundits would be talking about


Ain’t that the truth! I can see the headlines on the New York Post, “Bam trivializes last…”


Well, not only is it not a big deal,but he did exactly the right thing. It is a potential waste of government resources and a security risk multiplied times N well-wishers. He had just finished chatting and shaking hands with a zillion officials, and now he is supposed to do selfies with God knows who?


Considering the BS at Mandela’s funeral, it seems like he made a perfectly reasonable no-selfie policy. I trust your news instincts, but I think that might be all there is to the Mystery of the Frustrated Photographer.

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. . . the monster!


It seems to me to be completely out of line to have even asked under the circumstances. This was hardly a diner in Iowa. I don’t understand why this is an issue.


As someone who would be extremely reluctant to ask a celebrity for a selfie in almost any circumstance, I find the request pretty ridiculous and amazing here.


About 5 years ago, i met Obama at an event, and asked if my partner could take a pic. He politely refused with the same words, he can’t start doing that with everyone. Afterward, standing around, a secret service guy said that 1) he really does turn most of those down, and 2) that he has to in part because a lot of times if the photo isn’t set up, it can be taken out of context or used against him in some way. (e.g. I turned out to be a white supremacist or something.)


Again… TPM is again using exaggerated headlines. It could simply have said that he “declined” a selfie. The words “Shoots Down” adds drama that was not there. I really like TPM but this is getting tiresome. On second thought, this non-story could have just not been written.


TPM has devolved into a new low.

I was surprised when I saw him signing autographs. I figured that would slow him down by a factor of ten. Of course, that was after the speech, so he had no place he had to get to in a hurry (except the situation room, where he threatened Iran until they gave back our sailors).

…and in other less interesting news…Kim Davis invitation a mistake…
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