Discussion: WATCH: Newscasters On-Air Call Sanders 'Bernie Sandles,' 'Bernie Sandwiches'

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Made a funny, but it wasn’t right for a day when we learned of the suicide in the BLM community.

Good, a little much-needed comic relief!

I’ll bet there are about a hundred little diners and delis in Vermont that will have “Bernie Sandwiches” on the menu tomorrow. :wink:

Also, I bet Larry David will have a ball with this.

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Unprofessional. These are the people who are reporting on the election, and they can’t get the name of one of two top Democrats right? Shows their bias, just like the only rare mention Sanders gets in the news. Republicans with less than 1% in the polls get more respect than Sanders who just won a resounding victory in the New Hampshire primary – more than 21% over the runner-up, and significantly better than predicted. But they still can’t be bothered to get his name right? Their employers should dock their pay for such incompetence.


I’ll take a piece of that sandwich, and in return I’ll cut you in on future Larry Sand-switches.

This currently includes Larry Sandwalls, Larry Sanditches, Larry Sanddollars, Larry Sandbags, Larry Sandbars, Larry Sandman, Larry Sandpaper, Larry Sandervanocur, Larry Sandstorm, Larry San Diego, Lally Sandelsan, Larry Sanders (Hey, now; the sign reads “APPLE SAUCE”.), Larry David, and of course Art Sandalay, plus our crack research team is working ceaselessly towards more exciting innovations.

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From Bernie’s speech tonight:

I want to take this opportunity again to congratulate Secretary Clinton and her organization and supporters for waging a vigorous campaign. I hope that in the days ahead we can continue to wage a strong, issue oriented campaign, and bring new people into the political process.

But, I also hope that we all remember – and this is a message not just to our opponents, but to those who support me as well – that we will need to come together in a few months and unite this party, and this nation because the right-wing Republicans we oppose must not be allowed to gain the presidency.

That was his second “congratulations” to Hillary and her supporters – the first one got a big round of applause, and this one got a HUGE roar of approval.


This is not a glitch, not a flub. For Faux Noise Nutwork, this is what we call a FEATURE. It is intentional. Like how they consistently mess up the chyrons and mislabel a repub as dem or vice versa, depending on how much they want to misrepresent the person being shown.


Sanders campaign can run with this too, by making ‘sandwiches’ instead of lemonade.
There are numerous ways to morph this nugget into a memorable impression–
and actually get some airplay on conservative airwaves.

Free exposure is free.


Flub, my ass…


It’s been awhile since I watched Hayes but have been reading criticism of his tendency to entertain guests and silently accept opinions that are, uh, not liberal. In advance of NH this week, I sampled All In a couple of times. Awful. Unwatchable. I want the old Chris back!

as their employer are corporate media, I’m not sure flubbing Bernie’s name is that frowned upon.