Discussion: WATCH: Nancy Grace Rumbles With Rapper 2Chainz Over Pot Legalization

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It must be said: Nancy Grace is a mindlessly angry, bobbleheaded twit who deserves no attention whatsoever and has been given a television show for no other reason than that she’s willing to snidely vomit whatever idiotic, sensational nonsense she and her producers can come up with. She’s another one whose face belongs on the giant poster of “what’s wrong with amurikkka.”


It was an unfair debate. One of the participants was glassy-eyed, slurring their words, making no sense, rambling on endlessly on irrelevant points and obviously incapable of discussing the issue rationally and the other was 2Chainz.


IF bLACKs jusT STOP gettiNG aRREsted THEY coULD have JOBs and HOMEs. JUSt stOP gettiNG Arrested BLACKS!1!1!!!one!!11!!!


Just the sound of the words “Nancy Grace” irritates my bowels. But part of me is hoping Nancy Grace is just Joaquin Phoenix, deep undercover, filming another bizarre documentary.


I give 2Chainz credit for facing Nancy Grace’s painful punam.


Watched it all, Grace has not only lost her game, she’s lost her mind.



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I imagine she wasn’t expecting someone named 2Chainz to have a solid rational argument, and had to resort to her normal O’Reilly-esqe " I’m over-talking you, so I must be right" shtick.


Ah, Nancy channels Helen Lovejoy; “Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children!!!” I’m beyond sick and tired of pundits and others (Nancy clearly falls in to the latter category) telling ME, a grown adult, what substances they can and can not put in their own bodies. News flash, Ms. Grace; I don’t have any children, and if I did, it would be NONE of your business how I raised them Mind you, I would no more give a three-year old marijuana than I would a cocktail; that’s just common sense. Sadly, Nancy and others of her ilk don’t have any sense. Screw this harridan and CNN? Please take this person off the air.


Nancy Grace must have been off the air for quite a while since I have not read any articles like this for a long time. She is a useless waste of carbon.


I actually have (and recommend others do the same) deprogrammed CNN HLN (as well as Fox News) from my TV. I can’t even accidentally watch these channels. Now I can eat bacon because my blood pressure is THAT much better.


Grace wasn’t having it, though, and circled right

This cross-eyed cable cliché with the radio face would have a much better grasp of reality and better green room munchies if she’s hit a little sticky bud before airtime…

I tried, really I tried, but I couldn’t get past the first thirty seconds without severe ear-bleed…


Memo to Nancy Grace: you ain’t my mommy.

How is she so incapable of listening and responding in kind?

He said kids shouldn’t smoke and parents should be responsible and she just rants about the 2 assholes on the internet. Standard Nancy.

All this being said, watch this vid for a great laugh regarding this interview: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1084304134925978&set=vb.146505212039213&type=2&theater

False equivalency . . .

Grace's entire argument was centered on the fact that marijuana legalization would give "irresponsible child abusers" access to the drug.

But of course that screaming whack-job Nancy knows that’s no logical and apparent equivalence…

Irresponsible child abusers already have illegal access to the drug.

Snap a bowl Nancy…


If you have kids you hardly notice them growing, but when you visit family or friends infrequently, you’re apt to say “My how you’ve grown.”

I don’t have cable, and so only see cable news when traveling for business. It amazes me that, each and every time I reconnect, it’s measurably dumber.

Wow, she was painful to listen to. Ouch.



Dam#, this is hilarious, Rock! Well done.