Discussion: WATCH LIVE: White House Briefing To Address Troops In Syria At 12:45 PM EST

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What a mess this is going to be. Now the President will be held to the fire for saying no boots on the ground - George Bush ruined this whole fucking world and trying to clean up his mess is impossible.


Anything can be fixed with more tax cuts.

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We shall see. I think what President Obama wants to accomplish with the coalition is the creation of a multilateral, regional peace keeping force that will help stand up the ability of the individual nations to defend themselves against ISIS and any potential spillover from the Syrian civil war and would lead to greater economic and trade cooperation – and not to take sides in a sectarian war.

And don’t assume the Russians have a free hand in this, even though they have begun an air campaign against Assad’s enemies. They also have to contend with a domestic Islamic population, and they are getting restive, as are the ethnic Muslims in the states bordering Russia.

Also, things are not all hunky-dory between Russia and Syria’s regional patron Iran. Russia, in a rare vote of cooperation, supported international sanctions in Iran to get them to the table re their nuclear program. And Russia also stood down when President Obama threatened military action over Syria’s outlawed chemical weapons, and prevailed upon President Assad to surrender those weapons for destruction.

It’s hard to say what would come out of a worst-case scenario, but we’ll need time to see beyond the bluster and saber-rattling. Everything we’re hearing needs to be taken in context of the diplomatic efforts that are underway – after all, we’re only sending fewer than 50 troops to “train, advise and assist” local groups, hardly enough to overwhelm enemy forces.

And already, Iran is reported to have signaled support for a six-month political transition period in Syria followed by elections to decide President Assad’s fate.

I agree this is a tense and potentially volatile situation, but it seems more complicated than you are making it. Let’s hope for some progress and a means to find some face-saving measure for Russia.