Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Trump To Give Economic Address In Detroit At 12 PM ET

According to reporting from Bloomberg, he is also expected to call for a moratorium on new financial regulations.

Starting with no more black guys counting money.


Yes, he is going to show how every American can bankrupt 4 corporations and make a profit. All you have to do is inherit $250M from your racist, KKK-member father first, and the rest is easy-peasy!


Only if the black guys wear yarmulkes. I mean, it’s not like Trump is a racist or anything! Heaven forbid! I mean, look at the love he shows for Omarosa and Ben Carson. Mighty white of him, you must admit.


Trump’s economic address is New York, NY, 10005.
One only economics Ph.D on his “economy” team.


Trump is expected to lay out his plans to create jobs and boost economic growth in the speech at the Detroit Economic Club, where he will be joined by his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Yeah, Oh Orange One, we know the drill:

  1. Slice Taxes for the Very Wealthy.
  2. Cut Taxes for the Wealthy.
  3. End all Regulations on Corporations.
  4. Rescind all “ObamaCare” rules and regulations.
  5. Allow States to Decide for Themselves whether to re-institute indentured servitude and/or slavery.
  6. Allow States to Decide for Themselves just who can live there.
  7. Allow States to Decide for Themselves whose “marriage” is legitimate.
  8. Allow States to Decide for Themselves whether sucking dick or fucking in the ass should be illegal.
  9. Allow States to Decide for Themselves which federal laws apply to them.
  10. Forbid all abortions … except in the case of the very wealthy.

Did I miss anything? If we just followed these ten easy steps, each state can decide for themselves how wildly successful their economies will be. I mean … just think of it. Amirite?


What are the chances he actually talks about economic issues? 60%? Too high?


I’m going for 40% and under. And vague “we’ll bring jobs back to America” does not count. We need specifics. I’d say likely 15% … and that may be high.


'We’re going to have economics, okay? And we’re going to have a lot of them. It’s going to be huge. Economics. Crooked Hillary!"

The end.


Why watch? I have seen his dog and pony show too many times already.


Same old horseshit. LAFFER CURVE RULES!!!


In addition to whatever they used to force him to endorse Ryan and McCain, they apparently also made “and you will read at least one speech we have our in-house dogmatists write for you from a teleprompter!” part of the extortion price.

They do not seem to have realized that forcing Combover Caligula to read a speech off a teleprompter ensures that he is even crazier than usual for the rest of the week.


Might I add that all states get to take over federal lands and sell to the highest bidder.

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But, but, but . . . itz teh PIVOT!!!"

Seriously, the real test for whether he’s totally done is whether Chris Czilla and Mrs. Greenspan swoon over the finally, at last, seriously pivoting to Very Serious Personhood.


Donald Trump, making political pablum seem erudite since 2015.


the Tax Policy Center has calculated that it [the trump plan] would drain a staggering $9.5 trillion from the Treasury over 10 years. The top 1 percent of taxpayers would save about $275,000, on average, or 17.5 percent of their after-tax income, it estimated. For middle-income families, the cut amounts to about $2,700, a 4.9 percent savings.


Never mind about gender and restrooms, there’ll be forced Home Economics for all females and Shop Class for all males in public schools.


Tips hat @ lastrth! Thank you, yes. How could I forget that seriously world important detail the American people have been yearning for … for … forever!

And once states control all federal land they’ll go after water rights so that Donnie can build more golf courses in the desert.


From WaPo:

“With a speech Monday to the prestigious Detroit Economic Club, the Republican presidential nominee seeks to reset his campaign and delve into a subject — the economy — that is seen as one of his strengths.”


The economy is seen as an area of strength for Trump? For all the whining Trump does about his mistreatment at the hands of the media I generally fail to see the merits of his complaints.