Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Virginia At 2 PM ET

Nice face, want a banana?

No thanks. I’d rather watch Hillary.

why is he going to va? i thought he was way down in the polls there?

I can’t watch at work, but is this going to be an actual town hall, with questions from the audience, or just another one of his one sided diatribes that the media calls a “town hall?”

HItlarY Literally vince foster’s TWO DOzen veteraNs a DAY while there IS NOT enough vag DOCTORs to Look at the LADY parts and tell girl veterans TO stop WEARING rubber UNDERPANTS and DRInk plenty of Cranberry JUice to get RID of THEIr UTI.


OhbUMMer lets IN billions OF Syrian refugees each day. No vetting. And LOOK what they do for THANks, ORlando and SAN Bernardino.


MSNBC is carrying this (instead of Hillary’s appearance) in its entirety. It is disgusting on many levels: 1. While the media will probably count this as a press conference, the questioner is a Trump’s spokesperson. That isn’t even a town hall since the audience members aren’t asking questions. 2. Trump pledged that vets will automatically be able to go to private doctors instead of the VA at government expense. Did anyone ask how he will pay for this while lowering taxes? (of course not). 3. He is claiming that the deal with Iran is GIVING them nuclear weapons rather than limiting that possibility for several years. Is he being called on this? (of course not) and it continues ad nauseam . . . .

She’s in a LTTLe screen at the BOttom. Thankfully no sOUND. SHe’s SHRILL and screaMY. and a fuchsia blouse? NOt very Presidential.


The election then goes to Trump. There are enough undecideds available to believe the lies, since–because of MSM enabling-- the lies are true to the undecideds.

Even if the MSM is artificially “horseracing” this (which I now believe that they are NOT…the MSM wants Trump, without a doubt) it is too late to get the kinds of people that Trump will attract to go against him. We might have had a chance, if the MSM were a real Fourth Estate.

when he speaks off-script he sounds like a moron.

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Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck…

I would submit that, even on script he sounds like a moron.

HItlaRY bragS ABout MAKINg Deaf and BLINd people GO TO jail. cRUEL AND sAD. How CAn THEY read? HOW can THEY watch MOVIEs ABout THE SOLAr system IN SCIENCE CLASS???


Trumpenfuher is wallowing in scandal from Trump U to his campaign spending and is being held to a much, much…much lower accountability for his actions than is Sec. Clinton.

This for example:

***It’s such a scam.***Stuart Stevens, former aide to 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney

***Any way you slice it, this level of self-dealing looks bad. It looks like a candidate who is pocketing donors’ money.***Paul S. Ryan, Campaign Legal Center

In the final months of the primary campaign, Trump’s own money accounted for 82 percent of the campaign’s cash. Since securing the nomination, that figure is down to 12 percent.

The biggest winner on that date was Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, which received $423,372.

Trump’s preference for expensive venues that he happens to own has also extended to his campaign airplane.

Bbbbbbuutttt…the Clinton Foundation…bbbbbuttttt…her emails…bbbbbuutttt…

When he was giving his five year old’s account of the Iran/Iraq conflict Jessie Lehrich tweeted this:

drunk history with Donald Trump https://t.co/RZde3l1SLL

— Jesse Lehrich (@JesseLehrich) September 6, 2016
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he WAntS TO smooth OUT the LUmpS. smoothEM. like HIS daD SAID.