Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Trump, Clinton Debate At Hofstra University At 9 PM ET

Hillary needs to remember that many of Bernie’s supporters did not hear her acceptance speech. She needs to fill them in on her family background, how and why she became politically active and why she has stayed in politics after all the attacks on her family and herself personally. She needs to show them that she has struggled just like them and understands their concerns and shares them.


God Bless Us All

PS Virginian…Glad you made it

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Kick him in the nuts!


Too many f-ups on nbc’s live stream – I went over to c-span. This happens far too often. Mr. Marshall, please use another venue for these events, thank you.

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Is it here we are commenting on the debate in live time?

Someone on the other TPM thread says that Bloomberg is going to live fact check in the bottom third of the screen…

I tried bloomberg but they have 3 asshats discussing what everyone has to do and I switched to C-Span. I really cannot stand the commentary.


Well… I have no asshat control.


Yes, they said earlier they would.

Hi all - If you’re interested in reacting to the presidential candidates in real time during tonight’s debate, I would check out the website HillaryDonald.com or download the free app HillaryDonald! I recently learned about it, and it’s a great tool to see how others view the candidates

Not sure my blood press will tolerate watching. May go for a recap later this evening.

But I must confess my stress level has dropped a lot the past few weeks since I basically unplugged from politics for a bit.


Glad it made you feel better.

Sometimes it’s really necessary.


Oh, all my favorites, esp. Andrea and Chuck.

Ooo Red. Good choice

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Hey, beattycat, are you wearing your poncho tonight? Just in case?

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Wow…that is bright red!

No bullet proof vest tonight.

Matador!! Trump is already seeing red.