Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Bid At Liberty University

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Liberty University? Was Oral Roberts University unavailable?

Imagine a speech from Cruz that’s amazingly boring. I didn’t see that coming.

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obsession with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others.
synonyms: delusions of grandeur, folie de grandeur, thirst/lust for power; More
delusion about one’s own power or importance (typically as a symptom of manic or paranoid disorder).

So, is that time I can never get back-----ever?

Cruz’s remarks prior to his actual announcement were full of red meat thrown recklessly. Peel it all back and, much like some red meat, it is full of salmonella. In this case, it is the illness of poisonous ideas.

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Well I know somebody’s likin’ it. The Dallas Morning News front page describes Cruz this way … “one of the most charismatic, brilliant, energetic, untamed and polarizing figures in the Republican Party”. Yikes!

That’s due to his upbringing. His father claims that Ted is “anointed” and “chosen by God” to lead the nation


Leave it to Cruz to jump into his clown car way ahead of schedule to get an unfair advantage on the rest of the GOP circus. The man doesn’t play by any rules.

Would he use executive directives as president to make the country of his mother’s birth do his personal Cuban Canadian bidding? Si, si, senior. Or maybe that should be Eh? Don’t mess with Texan immigrants.

Chosen by the Koch Brothers which I would hardly call anything holy.

Untamed? Isn’t that how they describe Grizzly Moms?

Castro had made his presidential podium in Havana available but the Koch Brothers thought that three hours of Cuz ranting would defeat the purpose somehow?

As for going back to the city of his birth in Calgary to announce, the Canadians immediately put Cruz on their No Fly suspected foreign terrorist list just as soon as he rescinded his Canadian citizenship…not quite a year ago.

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My reaction runs the gamut from boredom to lassitude.


This man is a sociopath. His election to the United States Presidency would be as disastrous to the American people as Heinrich Himmler being named as a field commander during the last days of the Third Reich was to the Wehrmacht.

It is one thing to be the beneficiary of a “news” industry devoted to tittilation, drama and the “perpetual poitical horserace”.

It is another to be placed in a position which calls for the types of personal characteristics necessary for leadership of the world’s more powerful nation.


That’s what America needs! The Laughingstock President!


Ted’s campaign

I am reminded of the 1933 quote about the election of Hitler to the Chancellery: “So, this is how Democracy Dies: With Thunderous Applause”
Those that refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I was once with an Ethiopian when we went to a very large supermarket in the Midwest, with the goods and wares arranged almost twenty feet high. The Ethiopian almost passed out, so stunned was he with the plenty displayed here as compared with his country.

And that is exactly what Cruz’ father experienced when he left the poor, depressed country of Cuba****for Canada and the United States. As one of the Cubans from a racially blended country who looked white enough to be accepted as such by both countries, Cruz’ father set about to literally glean all of those American cultural characteristics and structures (which do not exist in a poor country with a profoundly deep gap between rich and poor, like Cuba) to be taken advantage of, using every crass, suggestive pandering metaphor possible so as to take advantage of the most mentally challenged members of the United States electorate.

**** Although the lighter-skinned Cubans who cheerfully castigate people with African ancestry (including any relatives) and make common cause with North American racists seem to do well in American popular culture, their class of people are descended from some of the most obnoxious and selfish Latin Americans in 19th Century history. Please see the book, “Windows on Latin America” by Robert M. Levine, published in 1987. There is a section in this book on poverty in 19th Century Cuba which ranks up there (or down there) with the depraved rich of my own country of origin.