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I have real problems with risking American lives and other treasures to prop up the government of Iranian puppet Maliki.

For those people who understand what is happening in Iraq, 100% of us predicted this would happen and opposed the Iraq war from the beginning, Obama wisley refused to leave troops in Iraq because he did not want to shed more American blood and money helping America’s worst enemy, IRAN, and its puppet Maliki.

Iran only really cared about southern and central Iraq and so Maliki has left the rest to fester, and fester it has. The only reason Iran/Maliki really cares is that the insurgents, a few thousand with weapons from god knows where, are actually threatening Iran controled areas.

The only real surprise in this to me is how incompetent Iran is and how corrupt and incompetent Maliki is to let this happen. But the real question for Obama is at this point why should he care.

Bush’s criminal and unnecessary war in Iraq that Obama opposed because anyone who knew anything about Iraq knew where we are today would be the result of Bush’s war. Bush’s war has led Obama to a choice between shedding more American blood and treasures to help Iran or or sit back and watch as Iran is forced to move its own army into Iraq to save its puppet and hold part of Iraq as the rest implodes.

By the by, this is just the beginning. Real Shia hits the fan when the Kurds in the north start to murder the Turkomen forcing Turkey and other nations to get involved. The end result of Bush war of lies will be to destablize most of the area with the only winner being Iran.

The only real decision Obama has to make is does he want to, like Bush did, shed more American blood in Iran’s cause.

There seems to be a sick game in the cable news universe that hypes any military action related to war with a ton of hair-on-fire commentary in order to get this President to react. Sure enough, he reacts as they expect, and then the newsies switch the narrative that this is going to be all wrong or fall short of what is needed. I’ve seen this movie before.

The President should quit falling for this bullshit by the press. The media isn’t even being honest, and their disingenuous recollection of the facts about the Iraq War is on display for all to see. Leaving out important facts about how we got here and putting this in Obama’s lap is a fucking joke. I’ve heard sooo many comments in the last few days by reporters that haven’t been verified by any sources, just tons of conjecture cloaked as fact. Again, we’ve seen this movie before…

Good…He didn’t fall for it and make any commitments as it stands. He’s not falling for the hype. He knows this shit was predicted long ago. A civil war was predicted even before this war ended. Thank you President Obama for being level-headed and non-reactionary. You truly are the only adult in the room when it comes to military intervention.

Video wouldn’t play for me. What did the POTUS say?

He will be monitoring, can’t do for the Iraqis what they can’t do for themselves basically. No military intervention at this time. Some asshole reporter asked about oil supplies. He said he would be monitoring that too and didn’t say anything that would provoke criticism other than from assholes like McWar that want to see us go full bore into another military quagmire.

Now watch the reporters and armchair generals flip back to “why can’t Obama lead?”…

one of the chatterbunnies’ talking points appears to be that ‘everyone saw this coming’… prior to obama’s comments miklazewski said exactly that. i wonder as the pentagon’s goto boy he reported on the coming collapse of iraq. oh right, he didn’t.
fuck the political media and their complete ignorance. not once have i heard any of these fuckwits mention the status of force agreement signed by bush that committed the u.s. to leaving iraq by december 2011.

Al Malaki (PM in Iraq) told America he preferred that all our troops leave the country. That’s what happened in 2011. And now we are seeing the results of that decision coupled with al Malaki’s strong dislike of Sunni Muslims and their exclusion from nearly all positions of any import.
Seeing this collapse in Iraq I’m wondering how Hamid Karzai (President of Afghanistan) is feeling right about now. He has attempted to get all American troops out of his country byrefusing to sign onto an agreement that wee would support him in the face of the Haqqani Network, al Qaida, and the Taliban who are all allied against him. Should we completely exit Afghanistan we would certainly see a repeat of what is happening in Iraq. Both governments are corrupt in the extreme, weak, and utterly incompetent. Extremists have infiltrated all levels of the “power structure” and the Army in Afghanistan. We would see the same descent into factional warfare and tribalism we see right now in Iraq.

I think none of this is Obama’s fault since the exit of our troops is what the powers that be in those countries want, for whatever reason. Both countrys are failed states and are open for extremism to flourish to the detriment to everyone.

I largely agree, though what I see as the major threat as a result of this is if the Kurds do establish a Kurdistan and that erupts into conflict with Turkey (one of our NATO allies). That is the real problem that I feel should concern us. If Iran gets sucked into playing a long slow burn of fighting Sunni rebels in Iraq, that’s their Vietnam to decide if it is worth it. I think Josh’s assessment yesterday about the “deluge” was fairly solid.

The GOP will try and make this into an Obama “failure” but the simple fact is the United States should never have gone into Iraq, which Obama rightly opposed, and pulled us out, which is ultimately the right move. The simply rejoinder to shut up the imbeciles form the right who will caterwaul about thesis simple, you want to stay in the fiction of the State of Iraq and spill your blood and our money, pick up your gun and go fight there and leave the United States out of it. It is, Pottery Barn quips aside, not our fight to pick up with our troops on the ground.

Gotcha. Thanks. That’s the right move. Thank FSM Barack Obama is behind the Resolute Desk.

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Don’t expect those on the right who get in front of a camera to mention actual verifiable facts or the reasons why some things happen. Knowledge isn’t high on the list of things to worry about for the “base”. They prefer to be told what to be upset about, not the whys and wherefores.

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Karzi is a non-issue at this point. He will be out in a month and both candidates in the run-off have publicly stated they will sign the SOFA that will allows us to still go after al Qaeda and Haqqani Network. The Taliban is not our problem. That’s the Afghan’s problem.

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Lestatdelc, I literally heard some asshole commentator on MSNBC today being interviewed by Tamron Hall say that these ISIS forces were planning to fly attacks on the US without Hall bothering to ask where he was getting his information from. Then watched as former General McCaferty and warhawk armchair general say he had seen the ariel satellite surveillance showing ISIS movement and once again, Hall didn’t bother to ask how a former General, no longer at the Pentagon, how he had access to ariel surveillance which would be something reserved for active military personnel at the highest levels. It was certainly a bunch of curious statements with no way to back up their remarks and no decent reporter would have left those type of statements just hanging out there.

BTW, Johnny McWar sure is getting a lot of facetime on this issue. The most disreputable authority on all things Iraq and war in general. Expect him to be booked on one or more of the Sunday shows to be allowed to share more of his bullshit views.

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I’m glad Karzai is out. I hope his brother (totally corrupt and one of the larger drug dealers in the country) is out as well. Here’s hoping either of the potential office holders are less corrupt than Karzai was. I visited Afghanistan in the 70’s and I saw first hand the “bakshish” system that has operated there since time began. It cannot be gotten rid of, only controlled.