Discussion: WATCH LIVE: GOP Heavyweights Speak At CPAC 2015

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I’d rather grind broken glass into my eyes.


Heavy weights?!?!

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Can’t wait to see how many terrible quotes by horrible people we’ll reap from this.


I’d opt for tearing out a fingernail with pliers. Cheap shot: Christie and his children are the heavweights, but seriously, why are we treated to wide coverage of CPAC each year here and elsewhere. They’re not serious people, they gather to inflame the mobs, and they’re sharp enough to make sure that what they say is quotable though nonsensical (getting rid of the IRS).

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I’d rather clean all the bathrooms at LAX with my tongue [1] than watch this.

[1]Thanks, Weird Al


Rule of the Beltway: If it’s Republican, It leads

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Somewhat like local TV coverage, if it bleeds it leads.

You have a valid point there. Craziness, it seems, is it’s own reward. There’s almost no point to any rational discussion about what these people say because it’s…well…crazy from the git-go. So the Beltway villagers eke out a living by pretending that there’s good faith debate going on and then pivot to, and not so subtly, concentrate instead on the spectacle.

Democrats, at least latter day Democrats, just aren’t as entertaining as Republicans. I really can’t even think of a left-wing "equivalent to CPAC. But if there were, who would be giving speeches and what would they say?

Elizabeth Warren, not withstanding, I think it would be seen as boring, possibly even depressing in the eyes of the media. At a Democratic version of CPAC, devoid of craziness, rather than concentrate on serious meaningful discussion, media-ites would be more interested in parsing Democrats’ speeches and policy statements, looking for possible gaffes and inconsistencies and the overall message would get lost.


The alleged ‘real’ news on CBS this morning inexplicably aired a clip of Dubya seated on a stage with three other men who were described as veterans. Dubya doesn’t look so good these days, like something weighs heavy. In the soundbite he said he has “vowed” to work for veterans “the rest of my life” with that catch in his voice he used to use to sell compassionate conservatism. Anchors gave him a big ‘aw’ and a metaphoric hug in the same lead segment that identified the ISIL executioner.

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I’d rather eat at a Walmart McDonalds.


And without even a nod to New Jersey’s very own political Hindenburg?

I would rather drink poison than watch this hate fest of ugly white men and women