Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump, Mike Pence Campaign In New Hampshire



It’s over, Donnie, time to take the dead orange ferret off your head, call it a failed campaign, and divert the jet to Moscow.

Just take a big right at New Hampshire, don’t bother to re-fuel though…


Just saw a Trump ad saying Hillary was still under investigation by the FBI and can’t lead while under criminal investigation. What a sleaze factory those people are!!!

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He just tweeted he has “big news” to announce in New Hampshire. Who knows what that means?

Probably a new reverse-mortgage scam he’s backing…


How much you wanna bet this Dumb Fucker forgets where his polling place is? I mean, he’s done it before.

The Sky Pilots are full of more threats than a Mafia boss if Orange Julius loses tomorrow. I mean, take a look at some of the headlines over at Right Wing Watch in the last couple of months:

  • Pro-Trump Pastor Hopes Trump Will Usher In The End Times

  • Lance Wallnau: God Sent Access Hollywood Tape To Prepare Trump To Do
    God’s Work

  • Jim Garlow: Christians Who Won’t Vote For Trump ‘Need To Pray More’

  • Rick Scarborough: Only Trump Can Prevent ‘The Final Destruction Of
    Our Culture And Of Our Freedoms’

  • Jim Bakker: God Will Punish America If We Don’t Elect Donald Trump

Damn! And that’s just FIVE of them! You should see some of the others! I keep wondering what the influence of Christian leaders is going to be once the woman they have been screaming is the Antichrist doing the Devil’s work takes over the Oval Office. Are people just going to laugh at them?

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Geez … Pence is talking just like Trump.

Watch Live:

Shhhhh, hush up YamMan…President Obama is speaking right now and will be introducing Hillary shortly.


I wonder if Dishonest Don has seen the crowd at City Center in Philadelphia for Hillary. She filled the place.

How many did DD have in NH?

We’ll never really know because he inflates his numbers… as in “the most people EVER” here, with thousands more waiting outside.

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