Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Clinton Attends First Campaign Event After Falling Ill At 3:45 PM ET

Welcome back and full speed ahead, Madame President. Take no prisoners, especially orange ones.


c-span feed:




Happened to be in a room running Fox News and as near as I could tell her audience was about 10 people, all of them booing.

Here’s her speech

It’s troubling to think Clinton must go 55 days without a single detectable hiccup in her health or she’s royally screwed. Humans fall ill, have accidents, contract food poisoning, etc. She cannot fall victim to any of that for nearly two months, for if she succumbs to anything it’ll represent a truly major hit on her prospects.


Traditional campaign speech. I guess they think this is the way to go. I am not sure. I hope they are right.

What were you hoping to hear?

I want her to mock his latest proposal of 25 million jobs which is just absurd. She doesn’t do sarcasm. He inspires it.

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Phlegm-gazhi II: Media Whore Bugaloo


To be honest – that’s my biggest concern now. Things you listed happen anytime to anyone, but if any of those happens again it could be fatal damage to the campaign even if none of these is a big deal by any objective measure.

Hopefully, she understands well that at this point staying healthy is her biggest job, along with the debates. And we do our part.

Hillary will appear in public, and everyone will scrutinize her appearance to see if she’s showing signs of:

Thyroid problems
Lyme Disease
Hoof and Mouth disease
Some sort of pox

Meanwhile, Donald Trump will stiff a contractor, bribe a public official, denigrate three or four ethnic groups and disparage a small nation or two.

No one will notice, because they’ll be too busy trying to determine if Hillary might possibly sneeze today.


Was watching MSNBC but i just can’t watch their coverage, its just to much shit.

C-Span all the way.

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This is moving to tin foil territory, but her campaign has no assurances of the loyalties and backgrounds of the various staff at innumerable venues where she appears. The people prepping the food would be prime concern for me. It sounds alarmist, but I’d be damned if I’d eat something slopped onto a tray at the Ames, Iowa VFW hall or some such place. Yet doing otherwise comes off as haughty and paranoid. What to do?

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CNN will have Lewandowski on later to explain Trump’s economic policies are the greatest in the history of civilization.

Its just non stop talking about the process rather then doing any journalism, at least outside the 8-10 hours.

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