Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Arkansas Gov. Discusses Religious Freedom Bill

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Giving every appearance of being caught with his hand in the Irish pizza jar, Asa bravely did what WalMart told him to do.

And this is what I predicted on another thread.

Hutchinson isn’t “necessarily” a fundie nutjob and he’s always been a big business Rethug.

WalMart called…they said cut the shit with our sales volume you paid for sack of shit.

I think I understand their message. They want to pass a law that is worded to allow discrimination but don’t want it to be used to allow discrimination. They seem to think that we’ll buy that, which only proves there are too many Federalist Society lawyers in Arkansas’ government. Freedom for me means I can deny freedom for you. Requiring tolerance is enslavement of bigots. Up is down. Got it.

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We’ll get to see how fevered the support is. Does their temperature go down when profits are on the line?

That’s pretty close. Teabaqggers WANT to pass a law allowing discrimination but they want to do it so they we wont recognize it as such. Teabaggers believe that we are just as dumb as they are and that they can hire Handlers that are like seven singapore slings;. they can craft a message that will convince us of ANYTHING.