Discussion: WATCH: Larry David Interrupts Trump's 'SNL' Monologue: 'You're A Racist!'

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Nice. SNL now mocking the Latinos. When you’'re SNL, it’s what you do.


Funny stuff.

They had to acknowledge the elephant in the room and they did. The fact that it was Larry David, who was pretty much saying what he really believes, was perfect.


I guess I missed that.

Because I didn’t watch SNL because Trump.


Well, considering they let the elephant in, OK.


The bottom line is that Trump is an entertainer and a TV personality. His persona is essentially “bad boy wrestler” but it’s mostly an act. I’m not saying he’s really a wonderful person in real life, only that the way he comes off is nothing more than a very deliberate show.

All Trump is really doing is exploiting the fact that a bad boy pro wrestler happens to be what many Republicans are looking for in a Presidential candidate. For him it’s just more reality TV, and the best gig he could ever get. I guess I can’t blame him for jumping at this opportunity nor can I blame SNL since, I’m sure they got great ratings last night.


I dunno… I think Horatio Sanz would have been better. But maybe he would have really meant it.


Sure, he´s an act, but that doesn´t preclude that fact that he´s a bona fide racist, misogynist, elitist asshole.


Sorry, not cool SNL. Making a joke out of something as toxic and harmful as racism just is not cool to me.


A lot of actors are jerks in real life. What I’m pointing out is the fact that the Donald Trump we see running for President is nothing more than an actor playing a role. He’s being rather obvious about this as well.


Sure, if the future of our political life and the future of the possibility for economic fairness is a joke and if people trying to gain a foothold in this country are meant to be ostracized then a good time was had by one and all.


Humor is often the only bridge available to start a conversation. Many comedians are very adept at bringing taboo subjects tot he forefront by including in their act.
Which isn’t the same as someone using shock to get a laugh. If it ain’t funny, shock don’t make it funny.


Yes, all this stuff is for ratings. The David thing was clearly part of the script from viewing the clip. I have not watched SNL for decades except for clips, but people making a big deal about this need to get a grip. They can put whoever they want on, and if people don’t like it, don’t watch. The same people who watched and click on these articles by the tens of thousands…will then wonder why SNL had him on. Funny.

And yes, you can just tell by the way Trump says things that it’s mostly a show. Trump never thought he would get this far politically, he just did ran for the attention. Now he’s just running with it. And people from both sides are falling for it. The left probably clicks on these stories more than the right.


Are you sure about that?

Though my memories are couched in pro wrestling and that Clint Eastwood film, the idea that they defused that bounty via a celebrity interruption, could suggest that Trump knew at the possible moment when Larry David was going to be there.

Simply Lorne Michaels, Trump, NBC and whoever else turned the bounty into a fix. Now it beats the idea of jokers going to jail, but it defuses the message that needed to get out there.

Always remember that after getting that out of the way, Larry David went about his business after the commercial break.


Reagan was an actor…just sayin


Reagan took politics very seriously though. I’m not saying that I’m a fan of Reagan’s politics, only that he was very honest about what he believed when he ran for governor and then for President. Trump’s whole presidential campaign is merely an act.

I realize that most politicians will say things they don’t truly believe when running for office, but Trump is taking it to a whole new level. He’s running for President as an actor in character. What’s frightening is the number of people from the left and right who are buying the act instead of seeing it for what it truly is- just an act.

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So, don’t just pay a racist running for the highest office in the land to host an hour-long infomercial that accrues to his benefit, go right ahead and mock the people who rightfully call this pig what he is.

Way to go, Comcast/Disney/NBC Universal. I can only imagine the freaks in executive offices all frantically rubbing their filthy hands together at the ratings bump you got for catering to the bigots in the imbecile chorus, just like a hoard of flies on a pile of shit.

Funny! Totally hilarious! Just like MSNBC has become – or so I hear – I quit watching that bullshit too.


I get your point, but the fact that George Wallace was originally a liberal, then lost, then came back as an opportunist segregationist and so, didn’t really mean it, or to use a more modern phrase, meant it ironically, doesn’t lessen the terrific damage that he did.

It’s not the (in)sincerity of Trump that matters, it’s the forces that he’s irresponsibly set into motion for his own profit.


You mean like starting his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi and swearing it had nothing to do with his views on “blah” people?

This just in - “buying the act” is what (campaign) politics is.