Discussion: WATCH: Joe Scarborough Cuts Off Trump Interview With Commercial Break

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Thousands of citizens cheered Trump’s announcement of banning Muslims entry to the U.S. GOP Prez candidates denounced Trump for his remarks. Fingers get pointed all around. Where in all this is someone denouncing those that cheered? Aren’t those heartily agreeing with Trump equally guilty of fearmongering xenophobia? I want to hear a candidate say Trump AND those agreeing with him are to be deplored for their attitudes.



If thine eyes offend thee, pluck them out with a dull teaspoon and pack the bloody sockets with red hot salt.

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a hearty “go fuck yourselves” to all the fascists, racists, losers, and stone-cold dumbasses that support this buffoon.


Trump was upset and bloviating but going to break was no big deal.


I’d venture you just told tens of millions to eff off. Rewind history 75 years, transplant our populace to Germany, and a great many U.S. citizens would be helping in loading the boxcars bound for Auschwitz.


Authoritarians are always with us and always have been. They’re always there, waiting for any excuse to come crawling out the muck and proclaim their contempt for democracy and freedom and civil rights. The officer corps of the Army of the Potomac was infested with them, constantly mulling the idea of a coup to replace Lincoln with a dictator (and, oddly, it was Lee who finally put an end to that nonsense when he inflicted a humiliating defeat on Hooker–the last self-appointed nominee for the position–at Chancellorville). They were bubbling and marching thoroughout the thirties and forties, surrounding Huey Long and Father Coughlin and the German-American Bund. They were the most enthusiastic McCarthyites, the members of the state sovereignty commissions, Wallace’s supporters and the people cheering the murders at the end of “Joe” throughout the fifties and sixties. They come crawling out to cheer every last police shooting and they surround Trump.


The only reason Joe has on Trump is he makes his boy Christie look Presidential by comparison . On with the Cristie LUV fest


Trump apparently doesn’t feel embarrassment or shame, as far as I can tell. But he is, after all, human, so for all we know, he goes home at night and weeps pitifully as Melania holds him close, soothing him, reassuring him that people do love him, do respect him, do find his rambling speeches fascinating, and do want him to be president. (Maybe this is why he’s had three wives. This kind of thing could wear on a gal’s patience.)


Patience is in direct correlation to the size of the check —


When you start scaring friendly interviewers there is a major problem. The fact that anybody supports Trump at this point is a crime against humanity.


I actually think his wives truly loved him. The money is nice of course, but some women like “saving” their very flawed men, until it becomes too tiresome and the love is gone.

translated ---- " The check gets smaller "


It’s past time for shows to stop letting tRump call in and bloviate.


Rand Paul wants to hit the “pause button” on Muslim immigration.
Ted Cruz wants a three year moratorium on Muslim immigration.
Trump wants to ban Muslims ‘until we get this thing figured out’.

He’s expressing the Republican policy position.




“You’ve got to let us ask questions, you can’t just talk,”

This is a new policy for MSNBC.

ETA: I wonder if Trump will phone into every Sunday show this weekend?


Please help a baffled Englishman if you can. It goes without saying that much of Britain is looking on open mouthed at the Trump horror show, though not entirely surprised that he has found a constituency (our right wing extremists do too), but is the end game here a failure to get the nomination followed by a third party run which will split Republicans asunder?

I’m rather hoping you say yes.


I don’t know…I thought cutting him off mid-rant was kind of big. He must have been seething when it happened. Why do these “interviewers” all agree to do phone-ins? Trump, as far as I can remember, hasn’t done any in-person interviews. I can see why they let him do that occasionally, but NEVER?

I really do think if one of these “news chucklers,” as I call them, would insist on a person-to-person interview, more might follow. As it is, Donald is controlling all the Oxygen to keep his fire going. Deny him some of that O2 and he might come even more unglued. I am beginning to think he will be the source of his own destruction.

Once he is gone, the horrible people who agree with all his shit will still be around, however; the closest one to Trump is Cruz, so I do sincerely hope Trump pulls a Nader.


I simply had to watch this Moaning Joe loonfest for a moment. Joe seemed sooooo’ pained that he could find no way to kiss The Donald’s azz’ and avoided even asking Trump a question as long as he could. Mousy Mika simply looked puzzled, confused, pained and in need of a good fainting couch.

In other words. It was jawdropping weird, irritating and often funny!


You did what I could not ---- Binkey points have been awarded ! ! —