Discussion: WATCH: Garner Family Condemns Shooting Of NYC Police Officers

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Unlike the NYPD union president, THESE folks show real class…


Or Ghoulianish for that matter.


The Garner family knows all too well about the pain of losing a loved one to violence. Their public condemnation of violence is admirable, and shows great empathy. Hopefully, others will follow their example.


I’m sorry, that in their time of loss and grief, they have to do this. That they are dragged into the middle of this.

I feel so bad for the officers, but this isn’t the Garner’s responsibility, nor should Lynch and company keep trying to make it so.


A very classy move by the Garner family who could have easily just not said a thing. But they chose to put themselves, and the only proper message that could and should be spoken, out there for all the right wing, Lynch-inspired haters to attack. Without any such intention, the Garner family is making the leadership of the NYPD look very small-minded indeed.


Doesn’t matter. My Facebook feed has exploded with all the right wingers and their uneducated friends popping off about this. The consensus among the mouth-breathers is that they don’t want the apology and that Sharpton is somehow responsible for inciting a spree killer. You can’t talk to these people because they’re insane.


The murderer drained the good will out of many who were sympathetic to those protesting against police violence.

Yes, class and concern for all.

The shooter was mentally ill…what the hell was he doing with a hand gun…We need to look at the gun laws! Maybe the cops will get behind gun control…the good ones at least!


Thus do the family members show more grace and compassion in their moment of ultimate loss, than every Republican commentator, combined.

It’s not just your FB feed. Every rightwinger everywhere found evidence of people at the NYC protests espousing violence, and so now, as far as they’re concerned, everyone who dares to protest police misdeeds is actively calling for violence against police. Batshit crazy, yes. But that’s what they do.