Discussion: WATCH: Cooper Grills RNC Spox On Trump Claims About 'Phony' Polls

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Ugh, this asshole again…

Face it, you mentally-orange bumpkins, your clown is going down.


Even My Little Pony can’t save your rotten candidate now, Spice-Boy.


That’s a real art to get up in front of several million people and outright lie.
Absence of morals , ethics or a conscience helps which I guess is a prerequisite on the application form to be a Trump Spox.


I’ll bet a lot of books are going to be published after the election written by people like Spicer who’ve had to explain and defend Trump publicly, knowing full well what a sleazy, lying, know-nothing nightmare Trump is.


I think Spicer, and that miserable whore campaign manager Conway both follow my Grandma’s advice while they’re lying and denying - they just think about the money. That’s what Grandma used to me to tell me to do when working on the farm was tough.

Of course if I told her I was doing what these people do, she’d’ve slapped the shit out of me.


Ironic that Trump keeps citing online polls that show he’s winning…but went off on a rant about how only Dems are going to be able to vote online in Pennsylvania a few weeks back.

Undercuts his own argument about the reliability of online polls.


While I don’t think Mr. Spicer possesses the core moral and ethical compass within himself, it will be interesting to see which of the basket-full of Trump spokespersons will later repudiate all this breathtaking and utter bullshit they desperately tried to pass off as true.


Just to be crystal clear, the polls which show HO leading are genuine and the polling which shows HRC ahead are phony.

Got it. Guess we’ll see in 2 weeks!


…well everyone knows that when John Podesta tells all the polling companies to rig their polls in favor of Clinton they do as their told.

What a twit!


Technically, Spicer is a RNC spox, not a Trump spox. Which makes job all the crappier. He didn’t sign on to shovel Donald’s BS like Kellyanne did, he got assigned to do it by Priebus.


Mr. Spicer, does the name George Armstrong Custer mean anything to you?


I suspect that Twilight Sparkle, the rest of the Mane Six along with Starlight Glimmer, Discord, Trixie and Thorax would be bothered to try. They know unreformable evil when they see it.

(yes, I’m a fan of the show)


“…I’m not saying that you have to accept it, but it doesn’t make it phony”, he said without a shred of irony.

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Hmm… the IBD/TIPP 5-day rolling poll shows Clinton up as of today. Does that mean it’s moved to the “phony” category?

Poll can be found here


Their undecided number is too high.

that’s because it’s rigged…

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Oh Anderson…Sean is a born liar…don’t confuse him with facts and explanations…

Sean Spicer always seems to be a man assigned to sit on a cactus ___ He hates defending Trump, but like a good RNC toadie, even in the discomfort and pain, he blabbers on.

The ‘REAL’ unskewed polls:


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Trump also hates barber poles, but for different reasons.

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