Discussion: Washington Free Beacon Reporter Donated To Donald Trump's Campaign

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How wonderfully, inexcusably stupid.

You zeroed in on Trump’s new campaign slogan right there!

I want one of his hats! It would be GREAT for when I take the dog for a walk, I’d have something to put the dog droppings in.

All my purchases are ironic.

I thought it was about artisinal parmesan cheese–make America grate again.

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CallMeEric! I am looking at you!!! :smile:

Are the hats union made in the USA? If so, karma upon the Washington Free Beacon!

I don’t get it. Why does it say “great,” when he obviously means “white”?

So does the site limit your purchases so you can’t make illegally large “donations”? If not, can he be dinged for soliciting illegal contributions?

I’m assuming the personal info for contributions is covered easy enough in the order form though.

I thought that hat went out with the Bush administration.