Discussion: Warriors-Cavaliers Rivalry Finds Common Ground In Refusing WH Visit

Donald: Refusing ? You’re not invited ! Basta !

Ok, next step for all these respected athletes: tell your fans to go out and vote in a way you and they can be proud of. It’s pretty impressive to see just how relatively united sports labor has become.


Shorter Stef/Lebron:

“Dear Trump. You suck.”


A fat old man was seen stamping his feet in the White House late last night demanding to see “his African American” and repeatedly screaming “Get Black Man! Get Black Man! He’ll come to my party. He’ll come to my party.”

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They are not missing anything

Donald Trump’s “celebration of America” at the White House, hastily put together on Tuesday in the absence of Super Bowl winners the Philadelphia Eagles, proved that rare thing in the Trump era: an anticlimax.

“I was surprised from the ordeal to get here that it was only a 12-minute shindig,” said Emma Wittstruck Call, 30, who did not vote for the president. “I thought it would be longer.”



I wonder if Tweety the Tapeworm would like to start collecting photos of the times Obama welcomed enthusiastic NBA Champions to the White House?

Just in case, here’re four:


That’s what I call a win-win situation! Go Cavs, Go Warriors! Go to hell Trump.


“I was surprised from the ordeal to get here that it was only a 12-minute shindig,”

Too busy. He didn’t want to miss his shows on FOXNews.


Oh, don’t be sad, Donald. You’ll always have NASCAR. And the bowling and skeeball championships, too!


It was only a photo opp, takes less than a few seconds to take a few self-ingratiating photos then it’s over, as far as this sickening, evil, whoring president goes. Forget 12’ minutes. It was over in a few seconds, all except for the whining which continues.


On top of all the other bullshit, The National Anthem has NOTHING to do with “the military”!

Gadzooks we’re a nation of know-nothings!


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Because everything is always about tRump there’s no reason to go. Imagine congratulating him for the season he did not play.

I guess this means another military band and chorus concert - where the participants can be ordered to show up or be court-martialed.

Maybe Trump can learn the words to “God Bless America” by then?


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Lebron backed HRC in '16.


Hockey’s Pittsburgh Penguins and baseball’s Houston Astros have accepted invitations to the White House for the traditional meeting with the President in recent months,

poor Ovi

Villanova, the reigning NCAA men’s champion, has not revealed if an invitation was sent.

The previous champ, UNC told him no.



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I did not know it was only 12m. Ms. Emma Wittstruck Call must’ve been the only actual Eagle Fan who was there for their celebration.

My idea: Dem Pres in 2021 invites everybody who was not invited,or did not want to go to see DJT or go to his ‘celebration’ of himself (and Donald: we have seen this more than once: learn the words to the damn songs, it is embarrassing to watch him mouth – he definitely did not sing along with the marines, he was only moving his lips occasionally, just knew a few lines) over the last few years.

I enjoyed Kerr saying this will be over with in three years. I HOPE so.

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