Discussion: Warren: ‘Get Rid Of The Electoral College’

Two elections in the past 20 years have been decided by electoral votes where the “winner” loses the general election vote. Both elections got us the worst presidents ever. Abolish the electoral college already.


It’s anti-democratic and failed at the one legitimate purpose it might have when Trump was elected. Begone.


Spot on. There was a time when the Electors were not political hacks, maybe in 1800 or so…



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W qualifies as the worst 2 term president in almost all polls of historians and the doddering dotard will hopefully lock up the 1-term non-Antebellum category…


Shameful proposal. After CNN invested all that money and time into their fancy digital readout of every precinct in the country. And what would Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer do if they couldn’t breathlessly report that precinct X in Miami-Dade has reported 3% of their vote, and if the winning candidate there keeps up the momentum, they might-might!-put Florida in play…


W and Obama colluded to elect Trump.

W so he’d no longer be the stupidest President ever.

Obama so he’d be revered and remembered as the Greatest.


The urgency and necessity of beating Trump makes this election particularly troubling: at this point, I’d vote for a piece of lint over the Moron. The anyone-but-an-old-white-guy is understandable but we need to WIN at any cost in 2020, we don’t have the luxury of worrying about the gender and color of our president. That all said, I would dearly love to see Elizabeth Warren as president - imo, she’s the smartest of the pack. Sigh.


I thought the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) was going to take care of that, and it is 2/3 of the way to be being implemented. What am I missing?


I want to get rid of the electoral college too, but that isn’t happening in my life time.

In the meantime, there is a solution working its way through the states and should be on every ballot in 2020. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

This needs to be done in every state by Constitutional amendment so the next GOP legislature can’t simply undo their participation in the compact.


What about Iowa?

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Then we could finally make the reasonable decision that a tiny group of white farmers in Iowa shouldn’t have an outsized friggin’ role in selecting our nominees.

Let alone New Hampshire.


I’ve been saying that since Gore

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You’re not using the term “lock up” as I (and most) would prefer…


I like her a lot too. She’s a wonk after my own heart. Also she’s a trustbuster in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt and that scares the hell, not just of the far right but of the squishy middle, particularly the right-of-center cable giants, big media and other big monied entities like banks, Wall Street and major corporations like BigAg and Big Phrma in this country. They will not give her any oxygen if she moves ahead in the polls because of this. It threatens their very existence to make profit in whatever way they deem necessary. Corporate welfare is also a biggie in their world. Socialism is good for them, but they detest consumer angst which many of them feel should be squashed before it gains steam. I wish it wasn’t so, but this is where its at…and the talkers on cable (chosen for their particular leanings on purpose) seem to get their “centrist” bullshit talking points from.


Yup. Undemocratic and has given us the two worst presidents in our history. We also need to give control of Congressional and presidential elections to the FEC. Enough of this bullshit allowing states to set whatever crap election system they can come up with that makes it more difficult for people to vote.

Fuck Iowa.

Steve King is trying his best…


A point that seems lost in the shuffle every time it comes up. You are 1,000 percent correct.