Discussion: Warren Buffet: Sen. Warren Would Be More Effective If She Was 'Less Angry'

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Oy vey. Everyone over at Faux just got a throbber. It’ll take them all of 15 seconds to turn this into their top story claiming that Warren is even too far left for far left socialist Warren Buffet and that there’s a rift developing because she’s such an extremist.


NOW I understand why President Obama angers the FUX people so much.

He’s so angry.


I am glad that TPM used a photo of Warren in which she does not have her fist raised. She never seems angry to me. Ready for combat perhaps but really really cheerful.


She belongs in the kitchen, right Warren?


In only she wasn’t so relentless with, you know, facts…


Well, she does tend to rely on the known quantity of outrage towards Wall Street, which is fine because it riles her target audience and makes people like you and I happy. I think all Buffet is saying is that it’s not always the most effective go-to in every circumstance and that she needs to be careful of giving the other side an excuse for not wanting to make deals with her, which she will do if she becomes a one-trick pony and shitbums like Faux are able to completely toxify her for their audience/the GOP base, in which case any agreement or compromise with her will become anathema. They’ve already started that process big time.

They would do that anyway.

There is a very very common trope that is used against women and minorities, whereby the person explaining why the woman or minority is not paid attention to claims that it’s because they’re too “angry”. In this particular case it’s even more ridiculous than usual, because Senator Warren is invariably polite–she doesn’t call names, she’s never derogatory. She simply insists on bringing uncomfortable facts forward and insists on using her power as a senator to show the discrepancy between what Wall Street is supposed to be doing and what they are doing.

And how much attention, pray tell, would anyone (who doesn’t already agree with her) pay to Senator Warren if she was quiet and chose gentle words?


If it was a MAN he would be hailed as “Forceful” and “Confident” but as a WOMAN she is “Shrill” and “Un-Ladylike”.
You go girl, keep kicking these idiots in the nads hard and often.


Anger is acceptable when men push an agenda. But women must be ladies, first and foremost, and these two approaches are in conflict with each other. Should she say, “please, please, let’s work toward income equality and fairness in the work place”? Besides, she’s effective enough to the good people of Massachusetts who voted for her and also for her peers in the Senate. I expect her to be the Majority Leader of the liberals in the Senate in the new presidency. Reid was criticized for being too quiet, Warren won’t be quiet.


Really Warren? After all these you’ve been around and you choose to chastise Elizabeth for seeming angry? I guess the entire GOP has escaped your notice these last few decades.


There is plenty to be angry about, Mr. Warren Privileged Buffet.


What reason is there to believe Mr. Buffet is a qualified critic? His conflicts are obvious. Just because he has a ton of money?

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Yes but these idiots are accustomed to operating in those quite rooms that Mitt mentioned.

In a general way, I agree with Buffet - we spend way too much energy demonizing those we disagree with. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to maintain a generous affect when your role is pushing around money packets from your Learjet.


And the time when POTUS decided to tamp down the anger, his approval ratings tanked. now that he’s in his second and final term in office, he can get angry or facetious and, for the most part, some part of the American public likes it.

Obviously, another part, does not.

Sen. Warren is appreciated and supported BECAUSE she’s angry. Some in the Dem base want even more.


This is why I respect Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. I admire her capabilies in the face of the setting she finds herself.

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My first post was snark.

“I mean, in the end we do have to work together.”

That’s right until it’s wrong.

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When a woman is forthright and direct she’s a bitch or some variation of that stereotype. When a man is forthright and direct he’s a truth-teller and courageous. Fuck you Buffet, and I say that with all due respect.

You’re living in the wrong century Mr. Buffet. You just don’t like that she tells it like it is to the fat cats on Wall Street from where you still derive all your wealth, and where the wealthy continue to hoard all their ill-gotten gains over the decades, while still demanding more while everyone else gets less. That’s the problem here. Admit it and be done with it. The days of worshipping rich control-freaks, that insure life is hard on the rest of the world, are over. Get used to it. Now go have tea with the Koch Bros…they agree with you on this one.