Discussion: WaPo: Trump Lawyers Looking Into President’s Authority To Grant Pardons

But an adviser told The Washington Post that the questions were posed out of curiosity, not necessarily as it relates to the Russia probe.

Don’t piss on me and say it’s raining.


Asking for a friend-administration.


Or, more likely: “Trump is looking into how he can use presidential pardons as levers to control kids and minions”


Pardon = admission of criminal responsibility. Is even Trump dumb enough to miss that?


He is looking at a self-pardon for adopting the Russian hookers for his Golden Shower parties .

Barack pardoned Malia once for sneezing…


He’s been in the Little President’s Room for hours pardoning himself…

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Trump will have to issue pardons. He has no choice.

never seen that pic of Bannon before…


he’s been settling out of court forEVER, he thinks its an option here…


Till some moments ago I had forgotten it’s Friday today. I think it is probably since the revelation of Uday’s meeting – since that day, everyday feels like Friday and I guess I’ve lost my sense of days. And it increasingly feels like shit is coming.



Trump: Its Obama’s fault. Why did he not stop me from committing the crimes? I am forced to Pardon myself due to Obama’s clear incompetency.


This story is a complete coincidence and nothingburger. This is just a routine statutory survey on behalf of the Department of Justice.
Yes, the administration is planning on startup staffing for a Justice Department.
In a few weeks.


“Will the State of New York medical licensing board now go after this guy for malpractice?”

His license is the the Cayman Islands.


Totally agreed. There’s some kind of “quickening” happening as we go into the Fall.

Actually, maybe not so much a quickening but an unraveling.


We don’t answer hypotheticals… except this one really specific one.



The response to this assertion they would employ is that it doesn’t necessarily mean admission of guilt and then they would just spin through the backlash. “It was necessary to stop the witch hunt!” will be the popular line and they will stick with that argument to the bitter end and most of their supporters and GOPers will echo it.

But here’s where I think the fight will go. Mueller can charge the people anyway then when they claim a presidential pardon, Mueller can argue that the pardon is null and void since the Constitution did not intend to give the president the power to pardon people with whom he has conspired. Allowing the president a universal pardon for any potential past, present or future offenses, particularly before indictment, trial, conviction and sentencing, places all those people above the law, including the president himself, and the Constitution clearly does not endorse that result.

In a larger sense, too many parties are stuck following well-accepted doctrines while Trump refuses to accept any of them. In fact, he insists that everyone follow the old rules except himself, and his supporters enthusiastically agree. I think this only ends with Trump being dragged from office and his supporters kicked to the curb forever on anything political.


“This is not in the context of, ‘I can’t wait to pardon myself,’” one adviser told the Post.

Should be an advisor as dumb as Trump told the Post. Who would think he can’t wait? The issue is him using the power to pardon if and when he has to. And that is the context.

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