Discussion: WaPo Tells Hewitt Not To Write About Pruitt After Report On Meeting Plan

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That guy needs to go from MSNBC
He is a pox on the Saturday morning airwaves
We get fair and balanced and all that shit but
He Has To GO


Remember when MSNBC fired Oberman for making a PRIVATE donation to a Democrat?

Verbal warning my ass. Have security escort this slimeball out of the building by repeatedly bouncing him off of every wall on the way out. Preferably face first. Just to see how long he can hold that smug look on his face after his nose is broken.


smarmy: adjective: 1: revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness 2: of low sleazy taste or quality


Has Hewitt advocated the acceleration of any Superfund clean-up activities at sites in predominately poor, minority neighborhoods? Or is his concern limited to a site directly affecting him in a wealthy neighborhood?


Yes, the “balanced” nonsense is a scam. So many stories today have truly one side.

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Typical conservative fraud and hypocrite: “We need to drastically scale back the EPA! Oh, except for my rich friends who need a clean-up. Oh, and except for giving my son a made-up job. Those are fine. Everything else must go!”


Somebody needs to see if Hewitt or his son have recently bought real estate near the site to be remediated.


Hewitt emailed Pruitt to set up a meeting with colleagues in his law firm who represent the Orange County Water District, who want a site in the Anaheim area to get priority for a cleanup. …

On his radio show, Hewitt seemed bewildered that it was a story, laughing as he read a description that said he “brokered” the meeting.

“I sent him an email to meet with the Orange County Water District,” he said.

Umm Hugh? That’s the very definition of brokering a meeting. I can’t imagine what you are bewildered about unless you are an idiot. Oh, wait…


like x 1,000


On his radio show, Hewitt seemed bewildered that it was a story

Here, then, is a microcosm of the problem with the Republican Party today. They have no concept of ethical behavior. The entire notion bewilders them.


"There’s nobody who opposes this, by the way. It’s an Obama-era plan. We just wanted to get it going. It’s five square miles of polluted water. Yes, I’m all in favor of cleaning up the Superfund site in my home county.”

First, if it’s an Obama era plan I can think of at least one over weight, jaundiced person in the Executive Branch who would be opposed.

Second, if you praise Pruitt because “he’s pursuing a much-needed agenda of rolling back regulations” then you should cherish your five square miles of polluted water as a testament to the benefits of GOP ideology.

Third, if for some inexplicable reason you feel a need to clean up the Superfund site then GOP dogma dictates that you should (a) not trust the federal government because it cannot do anything right, and (b) pay for it yourself rather than tax the already over burdened people of the country.

Fourth, go fuck yourself.


Hewitt is a fucking lizard masquerading as a human being. Fire that asshole already.


Samantha Bee had an excellent (and still funny) piece on Pruitt and environmental racism last night.


He said, “we have real scandals out there. It’s just amazing to me.”

Yeah, Ewe Ewewitt, how about all those Pruitt scandals, plus all the Spankee Admin scandals? When you gonna write about those?

        He said, “we have real scandals out there.
            It’s just amazing to me.”

You mean like once we find out how much money you sent to Essential Consultants LLC ? ? …


I can’t believe that part of my subscription money to the WAPO goes to pay this clown to write a column. I believe a cancellation is in order.


I’ll add my X1000
You always want to ask
Why the fuck are you doing this MSNBC
Did you notice Rachel Maddow kicking Hannity’s ass by being a… a… Progressive
Hewitt= Pointless
If you want to give that slot to a Republican
Give it to Steve Schmidt
That would be a must see for me


Part of my subscrip money goes to pay him too, but to cancel because of him? That’d be masochistic.


He is one of the most despicable, deplorable a**holes. Not only is he a partisan but he’s a conspiracy theorist. One would never believe that he was a Harvard educated lawyer. Just recently, he insulted Richard Painter on the Ari Melber show specifically over the Pruitt ethics or the lack of.