Discussion: WaPo Columnist Praises Clinton Debate Performance: 'A Man Among Boys'

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She looks great!

Even bit the bullet and shed a few pounds, fixing a problem I had winged about – politicians running for office need to be roughly in shape or they lose votes. Simple as that.

Anyway, congratulations Hillary!


So Milbank declares her the “winner”? She certainly did well, but the only “boy” on that stage was Chaffey. Personally, I was impressed by O’Malley. Loved Sanders, but I can’t see him in the WH. Can’t get it together with Webb on energy, but he seems like a stand-up guy. Clinton’s experience showed, but I didn’t feel that it overwhelmed anyone but Chaffey.

I thought Hillary looked VERY presidential. As a woman, I want to be offended by the remarks, but in a weird way, I have to agree…she WAS the MAN among boys, or put another way, the perfect WOMAN for the job.


What a weird thing to say. Next he’ll be calling her “Mr President” too?


Hillary was great! This is why the Republicans and the media are trying to take her down with lies. They know what a tough campaign she will run.


can you imagine sanders or hillary debating carson or rubio or trump? they would destroy any of those pre pubescent clowns.


I know a lot of women Republicans will put their blinders on and vote for the Republican man over Hillary in 2016, but I believe they will be happy and proud to cross the line and vote for her in 2020 and wish she could run again in 2024.

Not trying to be PC or anything, but the phrase “a man among boys” is inappropriate. First off, the writer could easily have said a leader among children to remove the patriarchal bent. But more importantly, all the Democratic candidates were mature adults compared to the squabbling toddlers in the Republican field.
Proud to be a Democrat.


Hi My name is Dana Milbank and I’m a beltway hack.
Watch me dispense oodles of conventional wisdom
Let me tell you about my new book.


No Mr. Milbank, she was the WOMAN in the room.


One thing for sure…

[If Joe is not in the race]

If any of these individuals is NOT in the Oval Office in January of 2017, then We The People have bought it.

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Clumsy offensive praise from Dana Milbank, a card-carrying water girl for the conservative media cabal, who generally retypes right-wing talking points as “important fact!”.

So, this is news actually!

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I guess we can count on Dana Milbank ‘mansplaining’ how this whole thing is supposed to work. Sigh. With that logic, Obama was just a white ‘boy’ running amongst white men, too…Amiright Dana?

He can’t seem to find praise for a knowledgable and competent woman unless she’s accepted as one of the ‘men-folk’. And you wonder why there aren’t enough women in Congress? This is the ignorant mentality we’re dealing with.

Agreed. If Hillary was a man among boys, the Republican field has a total level of maturity that does not cross 0.

Hillary Clinton’s victory will womansplain lots of things, starting in 2017, making Barack Obama’s Presidency seem like a relay race…with one strong person succeeding another.


Isn’t Dana Milbank male?

Good question.

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Yes he is…

Edit: Even more ironic coming from him with that name.

Milbank is an idiot and that why all she gets is this backsided, sexist praise.

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