Discussion: Walker: I Wasn't 'Comparing' Union Protesters To ISIL

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The media should be asking every one of these chicken hawks the following question: How long has it been since the last military death?


What I meant was about leadership."

And how Scott doesn’t have any…


Damage done cannot be undone, Scotty.

You let all that attention go right to your head, and now that remark is going to haunt you, no matter how many times you say you weren’t comparing teachers and firefighters with ISIL.


“I was talking about leadership” Scott continued, in response to Chris Wallace, “and as soon as I get done talking with my staff, the Koch brothers, my pollsters and my dog, I’ll get right back to you on that”.


Of course he was not comparing the unions to ISIL, he was contrasting them. According to his words, ISIL would be a cake walk compared to the unions.


not ready for prime time - nor will he ever be


Scott is showing the world why getting an education is really important…ya don’t want to end up like this guy…a crooked politician who is too dumb to out smart is own stupidity…


This is the question that should be put to every one of the “we need to combat ISIS” people:

You’re the President. Now, today, this minute. You’re going to do something about ISIS. You pick up the phone. Who do you call, and what do you tell him or her to do?

What you’ll get in response is going to be pretty much the same every time: they’ll make a lot of noises about not taking any options off the table, about consulting with [fill in the blank], and so on. In short, they all want you to think they have the magic answer, but of course, there isn’t one.

Happily, the truly clueless candidate would probably make remarks about bombing the capital of ISISistan. Fun for the whole family.


Sleaze oozes from every pore in Walker’s body.


Still punting. Snotty Scotty has figured out the less he says the less he has to retract.

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What he a role model for young kids would President Walker make! Every parent will proudly tell their kids: study hard, work hard, be yourself, don’t use your power to harm people, don’t take money from strangers,…oh wait, never mind.


Absolutely. He is a smarmy, duplicitous sociopath. Like Snyder.


Leadership? Lemmings like that…

More to the point…WHERE would you lead us?

Walker says something stupid which can easily be construed to compare union protesters to terrorists.

Can you imagine a President Walker saying something stupid …having unintended consequences in foreign policy?

Speaking before thinking is NOT leadership!!!


He’s itching for war at least while he’s campaigning because that’s the right way and he said this in an interview with Martha Raddatz of ABC about a month ago. He hit all the right cliches as well, “freedom loving” blah blah.

RADDATZ: But what does that mean? I don’t know what aggressive strategy means. If we’re bombing and we’ve done 2,000 air strikes, what does an aggressive strategy mean in foreign policy?

WALKER: I think anywhere and everywhere, we have to be — go beyond just aggressive air strikes. We have to look at other surgical methods. And ultimately, we have to be prepared to put boots on the ground if that’s what it takes, because I think, you know —

RADDATZ: Boots on the ground in Syria? U.S. boots on the ground in Syria?

WALKER: I don’t think that is an immediate plan, but I think anywhere in the world —

RADDATZ: But you would not rule that out.

WALKER: I wouldn’t rule anything out. I think when you have the lives of Americans at stake and our freedom loving allies anywhere in the world, we have to be prepared to do things that don’t allow those measures, those attacks, those abuses to come to our shores.


Dang! How much more clear do libbies want Walker to be on problems facing Amurka? Us Pubbies know that he clearly explained his position on ISIS.

The equivalent of “let me get back to you on that” is not leadership.

Walker must have been great at dodge ball. He’s carried those skills with him in his interviews.


Clearly not ready for a nation stage, and based on his positions and statements, will never be.

People like Walker make me wonder if the GOP candidates really want to be President, or just want the nomination. They can rake in a ton of money during the campaign, and then make a nice living after that milking the “former Presidential candidate” title. The GOP hates government - why would they want to participate in it if not for the money?