Discussion: Walker Flips The Script Again: Promises To Sign 20-Week Abortion Ban

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Well of course he did.


Scott Walker is a man of principle. The principle of self-interest, that is.


Wisconsin voters were foolish enough to believe a man who had already gone back on his word regarding other important issues. That state is now in a really bad place with this governor.


In other news, Walker has committed to eliminate the right to vote for all women.


Because, of course, women seeking abortions after the 20th week really don’t want that pregnancy, despite what the baby killers say.

And remember, he’ll enforce it on the Federal level if he gets a chance.


Scott “Walk back” Walker will say anything if he thinks it’ll win him the GOP nomination.


Someone needs to devise a prank/scam to convince pandering goons like Walker to attempt to pander by taking some position that’s even too far for the RWNJs he’s trying to pander to. Get him on record gong several bridges too far and then trying desperately to walk it back. Sure, people like Akin have done it on their own, but there’s gotta be a way to dupe a whole bunch of them into doing it together, because make no mistake: if presented with fake polling data, a huge email campaign or other “data” suggesting the GOP/Teatroll base is frothing to hear “X, Y or Z”, these motherfuckers would be climbing all over each other to be first to say “X, Y or Z.”


One word: Iowa.


Ever notice that Walker looks like a young Dan Aykroyd - acting really stupid.


Scott Walker: Political rent-boy.


It’s understandable…

When you got Charles whispering in your Left ear

And David on the Right…

and you have not one ethic to your name… it 's confusing , huh?, scottie?



Dan Akroyd’s ears are well placed…

He is such a lying PIG. Nothing he says can be trusted.

“Life is a value I learned from my parents, and it’s a value I have cherished every day, predating my time in politics.”

This sounds like it was written by an arrogant, insincere 8th grader.


They always seem to forget that what you say in the primaries stays on the record in the general.


Thank you. The forced-birthers are always jamming pictures of supposedly aborted fetuses in people’s faces; maybe it’s time to start taking pictures of, say, the desperately wanted babies who in the 25th week were found to have malformed brains growing outside their skulls. Sick misogynist fuckers.


Lies, Lies, Lies…

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And with this, he completely eliminates himself as a viable option for President of the US.

The opposition made hay of the ‘first I was for it before I was against it’. This is the same thing and, if the Dems are smart, they will start developing this ad now and prepare to run it hourly as an example of how he wouldn’t be able to lead this country out of a paper bag.

I live in Wisconsin (transplant in October from Connecticut) so I can happily say I had nothing to do with his being elected (couldn’t get registered to vote in time). But this guy needs to be relegated back to local office or less, so he can hurt as few as possible.


What the heck kind of signature is that? – I cannot make that even come close to an ‘S’ for Scott or any other part of his name. Maybe it’s my computer screen and the pixels.

Also, it appears his hair is getting even darker as he ages. We all knew he colored his hair, but he’s especially dark in this pic.

I’m not even going to bother with his apparent color change–even if slightly–with regards to policy of anything women’s healthcare. I still think his mouth resembles a well-used asshole.

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