Discussion: Waffle House Suspect Remains At Large, May Be Armed With Gun Seized Last Year

I hope the victims families sue his father info bankruptcy.


Why isn’t this kid’s father under arrest? Simple question. What’s the fucking answer? He knowingly aided and abetted these shootings. Anyone with half a brain could see the father was also forewarned as to his son’s instability.


The fourth gun that his daddy gave him will likely give the police cause for deadly force. Way to go Pops.

Lest we forget who has their heads up their own asses.


So I guess we will hear reports soon from his family saying they had no idea something was wrong with him

The father needs to charged as well

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Isn’t this man a white supremacist? Aren’t all of his victims black? Isn’t that important to report?

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BUT this gunman’s shooting rampage was cut short by an UNARMED BLACK MAN!

The media have no idea how to respond.

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